Dear Hyperhidrosis people,
I am a qualified chemist & 55 years of age. I have gone through & done all off the existing procedures known, Internationally. Sympathectomy, 30 years ago, with worse side effects than before. Severe sweating on my chest & back in a T-shape. Totally dry hands, face, underarms etc, waste of money & time. Then botox, did not even last for 4 weeks, also waste of money & time.
I experimented with anti-cholinergic, anti-anxiety, beta-blocker drugs etc, with my background qualification as an pharmacist, I eventually came up with a cocktail of two different drugs, that works magic with very little/few side effects like dry eyes/nose.
I am in South Africa & the current available medication is Betmiga 50mg[ Mirabegron ] [ Astellas Pharma Pty Ltd, South Africa ] and Oxybutinin Chloride 5mg [ Mylan Pharma ]. I use 1 x Betmiga 50mg tablet & 1 x Oxybutin 5mg tablet early in the morning +- 08:00. This cocktail combination lasts for the rest of my day, sometimes[ once a week ] I need to take another 5mg Oxybutin. I hope this information was helpful, for I know of nothing else, yet on the market. Good luck…