How i cured my Hyperhidrosis

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        alex3344 on #14248

        I suffered from hyperhidrosis for nearly twenty years and I wanted to share my story as within the last ten days my HH is now finally under control…

        It was all about how I controlled my breathing. Yes the thing we take for granted. The thing we don’t get trained to do.

        I've had ETS surgery and own my own Iontophoresis machine…but none of these actually get to the route cause. The ETS surgery stopped the sweating from my forehead and just pushed the problem to another part/parts of my body.

        The iontophoresis machine was just a pain to use and whilst you use it you feel like a failure. It’s not exactly a pleasurable experience.

        ive suffered in silence and now I know I can control it im so happy.

        In my experience what makes it worse is the day when someone notices you are sweating. The start of the condition grabbing hold of you and making you feel insecure. You start avoiding situations you may end up sweating in – parties, business meetings etc…. You then are always in FIGHT or FLIGHT mode…. And its not the place you want to be.

        Drinking ice cold water trying to calm your body down is again just another “band aid”…. Wearing vests in the summer , using hand dryers in the toilets etc is not helping you eradicate it from your life.

        I truly believe that HH is curable but you need to get to the route cause. In my experience it was my nervous system that I just didn’t know how to control. This may not be the case for lots of other people but I now feel much better about myself. I used to ask the question – why me? Why do I sweat like this? It makes you angry and hopeless 24/7.

        Yoga / and making sure you breathe properly has been my saviour.. Im now dry as a bone! I now don't feel helpless or angry I feel like a new man…. There is so much free information out there about breathing and controlling your anxiety. Don’t try and put a band aid on things, get to the route cause and you will also be dry!

        It might take time for you to adapt the way you breathe but please stick with it. It will help you I’m convinced.

        I hope this message can help other people overcome their problem.

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        susan on #14713

        You are really lucky to have found the way to deal with your hyperhidrosis with yoga. I have also tried yoga and adapting the way that I breathe. But I still sweat excessively . However, I have managed to control my palmar Hyperhidrosis with Iontophoresis therapy. I do not feel like a failure when I am using the Idromed 5 PC device, because I know that iontophoresis works for me and keeps my hands dry. Yes in the beginning you've got to do treatments everyday and your are still not sure whether or not it is going to work for you – that was maybe the hardest time. But I kept on with it and then therapy was successful, my hands are now dry.

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        Carlito on #15258

        Good discussion. I am a 58 year old man who has suffered from excessive sweating since roughly the age of 16. Armpits in particular – real bad, even in winter, and I live in a cold climate. It has affected every area of my life including general socializing, dating, employment/career and most certainly, my mental health as I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since I was a teenager. The condition is REAL but there is something of a chicken or egg question when it comes to anxiety and sweating. Which one caused the other? My belief is that this is not an important question to answer. I really like the commentary in this discussion about the importance of breathing. For me, it has not been a magical cure for HH, but breathing, meditation, yoga – are all holistic ways of treating your mind and body which can measurably improve the condition. And these practices have a positive impact on my life as a whole. I feel calmer, I reach out to others more readily, am more connected to my inner self. I have great empathy for all of you out there who are dealing with this problem and its effects. You are not alone. I also attend an anxiety support group that is helpful. Being able to open up about the problem with trusted people relieves for me a lot of silent shame and bitterness. I will check in later – Peace and perseverance to all.

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        Richard Gautier on #17147

        I solved my problem through nerve surgery, they called it sympathectomy. My surgeon cuts, burns the spinal nerves that control sweating in my hands. The downside of this surgery is, in some cases, this procedure triggers excessive sweating in other areas of your body, which they called compensatory sweating. Surgery is generally not an option for isolated head and neck sweating. A variation on this procedure interrupts the nerve signals without removing the sympathetic nerve.

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        Hansel on #18022

        I just had sympathectomy. How long will my recovery take?

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