• This is interesting, and also worries me a little. I never undertook any blood (or other) tests that should determine if I really have “only” hyperhidrosis.
    However, I remember reading that excessive sweating in localized areas of the body AND first appearing in adolescence or earlier is likely a primary hyperhidrosis; on the other hand, excess…[Read more]

  • I'm sure we all occasionally find ourselves in a really bad situation of meeting someone who is openly, blatantly rude. You probably know what I'm talking about – a snide remark that mocks your sweaty palms, or a wet brow, or stains on your clothes from underarm sweat, or body odor…
    As if we're not having a bad time anyway! 🙁
    Well, it can't…[Read more]

  • jessie and Profile picture of RamonaRamona are now friends 11 years ago

  • @ Ramona
    Hi! From the looks of it, we're 2 different sides of the same coin: I have anxiety issues BECAUSE I'm sweating too much, whereas you sweat too much because of anxiety.
    So, in a mirror reflection, I understand how you feel. I am sure you'll be able to overcome your problems and then you can brag to us how you're not sweating profusely anymore. 😉

  • That's so great how the treatment worked for your daughter! =) It never even occurred to me how hyperhidrosis can create serious problems for someone who engages in activities that strictly require dry hands – like gymnastics, for example…

    I definitely want to try iontophoresis, from what I've read this seems to be the best method for curing…[Read more]

  • Does special footwear help with the odor? Or how do you deal with that?
    These brands look good, btw. I see some of these sell on Amazon, so I might as well give it a go… Although I typically don't like buying shoes online, it's a different story with flip-flops. Not that many worries about buying the right size with them. 😀 And I suppose that…[Read more]

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  • Does hyperhidrosis get better or worse as you grow older? Or does it stay the same? Is this individual or is there some general rule?

    I would really appreciate some input from those who have lived with hyperhidrosis for many years now. I read that it often gets worse, which is not an encouraging thought. 🙁
    Okay, some theories say that what…[Read more]

  • If only I had friends who sweat too much, my life would be much nicer. Haha, okay, that sounds ridiculous, but you get what I mean! XD

    Tim you're totally lucky to have a friend who understands you! If there are really 180 million people out there with hyperhidrosis, I'm sure I will sooner or later run into someone who's also dealing with profuse…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the advices… Yeah I suppose it is possible other people don't notice the things that seem glaringly obvious to me. I keep waiting for someone to make a disgusted face or comment on my sweaty palms and feet. I don't know which of these two is more embarrassing! 😮

    Still, between fighting the anxiety in the company of others and…[Read more]

  • I'm certain emotions play a big part in my excessive sweating – it's that cursed loop in which I'm nervous because I have sweaty palms and feet, and then I sweat even more… and then I'm more and more anxious. Emotions bury me pretty deep.

    This is the first time I hear someone's excess sweating is influenced by happy emotions. Sorry to hear…[Read more]

  • Mine started unusually late, I think. I was 18 at the time.
    In classes, I would get sweaty palms during exams – or even just while taking notes. Blamed it on anxiety at first, but it didn't go away. Soon after that my problems came to include sweaty feet as well. A few times I'd noticed how my shoes are soaked through – but it turned out it…[Read more]

  • I have sweaty hands and feet and as time goes by I have started to avoid other people whenever I can. When I meet someone, I always keep physical distance and keep my hands folded behind my back. A few friends have told me that I seem hostile at times – you know, like I'm telling everyone to back off.

    I'm uncomfortable telling everyone that I…[Read more]

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