I think my sweating problem started when I was in my teens, probably at puberty. It seems like it got a little worse right after I got married. Which I was 31 and my wife also. I just had to tell her about my problem. She is the best and has never been a problem between us. I would have to come home at noon from my job to change shirts cause mine would be soaked under the arms. My sort of miracle came when I found out about certain dri. It stopped my underarm sweating. The problem is still there with my hands. I hate the hand shaking at church cause I know no one wants to touch wet hands. I seen an endocrinologist and he have me the stuff they enbalm with to soak my hands in, useless. I am happy I can wear any color shirt I want to now and not worry about sweating. I used certain dri often when I first started using it. Then started using it once a week.