Hi, my doctor gave me anhydrol forte – a roll on with 20% aluminium chloride and propranolol to treat my hyperhidrosis. I started using the roll on which initially worked for my underarms but not my hands or feet. However, after 2 weeks it started being ineffective and didn't even work on my underarms anymore so I started to take propranolol with it but it still made no difference.

Eventually I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me oxybutynin. Alternatively they said if that didn't work then they would give me a free trial (3 sessions) with iontophoresis which i'm quite unsure about. My aunt who has HH said it didn't do anything for her. Anyway, I take 5mg of oxybutynin twice a day (in the morning and night), which so far has been working very effectively to stop me sweating in my hands, feet and underarms. I've been to the shops, the beach and an island and I still didn't even sweat on those areas. I did sweat a bit on my face but it was really hot. The only disadvantage of this product was that it dried out my mouth, my nose and my skin. My face is usually quite oily so I don't mind the dry skin which can be fixed with moisturiser and drinking a lot of water helps. Also, the first few hours after you take it, you can feel a bit weak and tired so I would probably abstain from driving.

Here comes the but. I went back to school today (I'm 16) and the reason I wanted to treat my HH was because of school. It's quite embarrassing having sweaty hands all the time when people ask you for a high five or to shake a teacher's hand during award assembly. It affects me especially when writing essays or during exams. Even though oxybutynin worked everywhere else, it didn't work at school. I started sweating   on my hands, underarms and feet after 30 minutes of being at school. It was the first day back so I was quite nervous, but even during last lesson I was still sweating. Why does the medication work everywhere else but school? Is it because of my anxiety? I feel like sweating gives me anxiety. I don't sweat from anxiety like I could be doing nothing and I would still sweat. My mum is quite reluctant to allow me to take propranolol, but would it help to take that and the oxybutynin? I heard propranolol is good for anxiety. Is it even safe to take both?