You Are Not Alone

More than 3% of world's population suffers from Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis ((medical term for excessive sweat) is inconvenient for sure, but it can be managed with some effort and you can lead a (mostly) normal life.

Patient Stories

Here are some real hyperhidrosis patients sharing their stories

Read on… as we said, you are not alone!

ETS Surgery: A Bad Choice For Me
I am very unhappy with how my ETS surgery turned out. Do yourself a favor and stay away from that!
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Hyperhidrosis makes life much harder
As a little girl, no one takes me seriously. They always think I'm exaggerating, or seeking attention. But I really
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My Child Has Hyperhidrosis
A year ago, and this story would begin with one simple word: HELP. It was when my son first started
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Yani's Iontophoresis Story
Hi, I'm Yani and this is my hyperhidrosis story.   Hyperhidrosis? What's that?   Funny thing is, I probably wouldn't
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