My Child Has Hyperhidrosis


A year ago, and this story would begin with one simple word: HELP. It was when my son first started having hyperhidrosis symptoms, and I had no idea what to do. I even had no idea what's happening to him, and was terrified that he is sick with some rare, dangerous disease.

 The Diagnosis

He seemed to be doing fine, apart from sweating dreadfully from his feet and underarms, so I stopped panicking and took him to the doctor. The first one said it's normal, that he's just a hyperactive kid and that's why he sweats more. This seemed fishy to me, and he was also an old pediatrician so I didn't trust his diagnosis that much. Then we went to another doctor, and this one knew about hyperhidrosis and mentioned it as a possible cause of excessive sweating right away. And later, after careful examination, the doctor confirmed that indeed, we are dealing with plantar and axillary hyperhidrosis.


I was at once relieved and crushed. Relieved, because hyperhidrosis wasn't a dangerous illness, and crushed, because it was something permanent, something that my son will have to learn how to live with.

Worries and Fears

He is still young – only 7 years old – so he doesn't quite understand yet what the problem is. He feels uncomfortable when he sweats, but he takes it all in stride. I suppose he is lucky not to have palmar hyperhidrosis – feet and underarms are hidden under clothes, after all. But, I know that a day will come (especially in teen years), when appearances will matter more to him, when life will become more complicated for him, and when excessive sweat will make all the difference.

Over the course of this year, I turned into a complete hyperhidrosis nerd. I am trying to read as much as I can about it, and learn as much as I can. When the moment comes, I want to be able to provide the best guidance for my son. I am already saving for the best iontophoresis machine out there, and when he is older, I hope this will help him get through puberty. And then, when he is an adult, there will be other options too…

Living with Hyperhidrosis

It really is painful when you find out that your child will have to deal with something like hyperhidrosis, and all I can hope is that I will be able to support him through this as much as I can (I'm a single mother), and that he will be strong enough to take it in stride even when he is older. Wish us luck.

– Ruth


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  1. Wallace Trent on

    Good luck, Ruth! It’s clear from what you wrote that you are a wonderful mother and I have no doubt that you will help your son deal with hyperhidrosis. And I hope that the treatments will evolve to the point where next generation hyperhidrosis patients will have much easier time that we do today. Stay strong!

  2. Thanks for posting Ruth.

    In your research did you discover any genetic linkage or studies on % of HH that is inherited, vs randomly acquired?

  3. I believe there is a genetic link. My Aunt has it. It was passed to me and I see that some of my children have it as well.

  4. Hi Ruth,

    This must be so tough for your son. NoSweat have just launched washable, reusable underarm sweat pads which may be helpful for him. It is a non- invasive, safe, cost effective method to prevent underarm sweat patches.

    Happy to send you a free sample if you would like to get in touch via our website,
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  5. Ruth,
    I have suffered from.hyperhydrosis since age 6….i am 24 years old. It has always gotten in the way of my life. High school, church, sports, anywhere I had to be social was a nightmare. As I got older it was more of a nightmare because it’s just not “normal”. I have turned down so many jobs, social situations, relationship opportunities, career Fields to go into, clothes, shoes, places to live…just because I sweat way too much. Surgery and all the options out there suck. I changed my career to alternative medicine because this field is the only field i can get answers while helping the world be a better place. Your son will need to learn to be positive and determined to overcome all fears. Your son will have to work harder to do simple things than other people, he will have to learn to not worry or stress. He’s going to have to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. He needs to be strong and not take anything personal. Meditation, relaxation, energy work, acupuncture, Chiropractor, massages, exercise, a fantastic strict diet, and alternative medicine will be his best options. Sage sage sage sage will be his favorite herb. Start buying 100 of the sage tincture from herb pharm or make your own. Grow sage, make sage tea. Sage cuts sweating in half by 50% that is huge for someone with hyperhidrosis. I swear hyperhidrosis is related to the nervous system. It’s our bodies response to stressors, even thoughts, feelings, anything. Sometimes I wake up and not even 5 minutes has gone by since waking up and I’m sweating and wondering what in God’s name am I stressing about…or I’ll be chillin watching tv totally relaxed and i could be freezing one minute from a.c. on and boom I’m drenched for no reason. I believe it’s 80% caused by stressors and 20% caused for no damn reason. Your son will have anxiety and depression from hyperhidrosis so make sure he’s on a strict healthy diet, exercises, gets holistic therapy, and has an outlet for expression and fun. Because he needs to be happy happy peace peace in order to overcome this fucked up joke of a predicament life gave to us with hyperhidrosis. Humor is the only thing that saves me from being overburdened by it, humor and sage 😉 – sincerely, warmly, and wetly,

  6. It doesn’t have to be devastating:) I discovered the Drionic iontophoresis machine at age 15 and it changed my life. Though kind of annoying to use and maintain, the machine made hyperhidrosis a non issue in my life. When your son is old enough, it can do the same for him!

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