About Hyperhidrosis Network

A quick history


That's me!

I have been a long time sufferer of Palmar and Plantar Hyperhidrosis (possibly it was congenital). However, it was only recently that I came to know that this is a common condition, that this condition has an actual medical term, and (most importantly) that I was not alone. Then started my lonely journey of finding my way around the plethora of information available on the topic. However, I soon found that most of the online information is either:

  • Complex – too many medical terms without explaining what it meant for me
  • Academic – focusing on the research and emerging insights into hyperhidrosis, not the practical applications
  • Downright  commercial – where someone was trying to sell me the “proven” (or “guaranteed” or “risk free” or “permanent”) solutions to my condition

Moreover, I could not find a user friendly resource to connect with others with my condition (there surely are a few useful forums discussing Hyperhidrosis, but most were not dedicated to hyperhidrosis, or were moderated by the commercially inclined entities that made them a bit less useful) I realized that even in this day and age of information accessibility, it was difficult for people with Hyperhidrosis to find real helpful information or to connect to others with the same condition. So, I am trying to be a solution here!

BTW, if you are interested, you can read a detailed post on my Hyperhidrosis story

So, What is Hyperhidrosis Network?

Hyperhidrosis Network (or lovingly HHN) has evolved way beyond what I originally thought it would. Since the time I started in 2012, the website has seen a surge of visitors from all across the globe – primarily through word of mouth. As more people have joined the website, more useful it has become over all those months. At the core, HHN aims to be the single, authentic, non-biased, non-commercial source of information, and community support for hyperhidrosis patients.

Specifically, join Hyperhidrosis Network for:

  • Understanding Hyperhidrosis (What is hyperhidrosis types of Hyperhidrosis,why is Hyperhidrosis caused etc)
  • Understand the various treatments for Hyperhidrosis (pros and cons of various treatment options, costs, insurance issues etc)
  • Tips to deal with Hyperhidrosis (social issues, clothing, quick fixes etc)
  • Connecting with other hyperhidrosis patients around the world

You can help too

If you find this website useful, I will love to get your support on making it even better. Especially if you have experience-with/knowledge-about with any treatment, please consider writing a patient story, or post a forum topic for others to learn from your experiences. Its very much on hyperhidrosis community to help other patients navigate the complex world of hyperhidrosis and if there's anything you can do, please consider doing that.

Important Note on Products

One of the motivation for me to start this website is to offer an objective, unbiased advise which is not influences by commercial considerations. You can always count on that. Having said that, there might be links to advertisements or products, and I may get money in exchange if you follow those links. I am very selective in taking such links and would definitely not sell anything unethically (so no cheap, weird trick, guaranteed, “gone in 2 hours” solution on this site).


PS: If you have a question for me, the best way to make it reach me is by posting it in the forums.  While I love to receive emails from the readers, I prefer answering hyperhidrosis related questions on the forums as others may also have the same question. Thanks for your understanding!

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