DermaDry Iontophoresis Machine: Review and Discount Coupon Code


Iontohoresis market is getting crowded fast, and its a good thing for patients!

The latest entrant is DermaDry. This is a Canada manufactured iontophoresis machine (just like Iontoderma), and retails for about $329-$349 (depending on the version chosen). Note that this device needs a medical professional's prescription for purchase in USA. If you are based in a country other than USA, you may be able to purchase it without a prescription (depending on your country's regulations)

DermaDry in Pictures

Hyperhidrosis Network Pics

Below are some pictures of the actual Dermadry Total iontophoresi machine I received from Dermadry.

Manufacturer provided pics

Below are the stock pictures the DermaDry provided me. While I usually do not include stock pictures provided by product companies, I thought these were useful to visualize the actual usage of the product.

DermaDry basics

DermaDry comes in three models – Hands and Feet, Underarm and Total. The names are quite self explanatory, I believe. DermaDry Total is the ultimate package and gives you all the accessories for hands, feet and underarm in a single product.

  • Easy to Use: Presets for hands and feet with a built-in timer that stops delivering current once treatment session is over.
  • Easy Transportation and Storage: the device is accompanied by a case that fits all its components.
  • Easy to Clean: Wipe down and air dry.
  • Pause Mode: If hands or feet are removed during treatment, the current strength will immediately reach 0.
  • Short Circuit Protection: The device will detect short circuits and stops delivering current.
  • Alternating Polarity: Automatically alternates the polarity of the current to provide a smooth treatment.
  • Safety & Child Lock: Device will not start until the activation button is pressed for 3 seconds
  • Prescription needed – in USA, you need a prescription to purchase this device.
  • Price – Dermadry retails for about $329 ( for underarm ), $339 ( for hands and feet) ) and for $349 (for total). However, the manufacturers have offered an exclusive 10% discount for HyperhidrosisNetwork users. Just use the discount coupon code HHN10

DermaDry Out of Box

Out of box, this iontophoresis machine comes with the following components.

Dermadry Total:

  • Case (Becomes treatment trays when sides are separated)
  • Dermadry Controller
  • 1 pair of Hand and Foot Electrodes
  • 1 pair of Underarm Electrodes
  • 1 pair of Underarm Pockets
  • 2 Cotton Towels
  • 1 Pair of Cables
  • AC Adapter + Blade
  • Detailed Instruction Manual

Dermadry Hands & Feet:

  • Case (Becomes treatment trays when sides are separated)
  • Dermadry Controller
  • 1 pair of Hand and Foot Electrodes
  • 2 Cotton Towels
  • 1 Pair of Cables
  • AC Adapter + Blade
  • Detailed Instruction Manual

Dermadry Underarms:

  • Case
  • Dermadry Controller
  • 1 pair of Underarm Electrodes
  • 1 pair of Underarm Pockets
  • 1 Pair of Cables
  • AC Adapter + Blade
  • Detailed Instruction Manual


I tried the device (sample provided free of cost to me by the company) for an extended duration for about 2 months. I used the machine for iontophoresis treatment on my hands (feet and underarm is not a major concern area for me).

Overall, the machine did what its supposed to do – i.e. helped reduce the ad-hoc sweat on my palms by a significant degree. My rough, non scientific estimate is that with regular treatments, I could reduce the sweat on my palms by about 80%.

I used the device for about 2 months during the months of May and June 2019. Since I had not been doing my iontophoresis treatments recently (yeah, I am lazy that ways), it was a perfect test not influenced by performance of other iontophoresis machines.

For the first 2 weeks, I used the device daily for 15 minutes. After about 3-4 days I already started noticing significant difference in the sweat breakout frequency. By the end of 2 weeks, I was barely sweating out of my palms. Dry hands are a great feeling! 🙂

After two weeks, I gradually reduced the frequency – going from daily to alternate days for the Week #3, and then twice a week for Week #4, and then once a week for Week #5 and week #6. Finally, I am now at once in 2 weeks frequency and the sweat performance is more or less holding up.

I have tested/tried a lot of iontophoresis devices and in general I am a big fan of this treatment for hyperhidrosis. DermaDry feels competitively premium and and a well thought through product. Its easy/intuitive to use and the directions are quite easy to follow. Based on my limited interactions with the company, they seem to be nice and eager to help folks . Finally, they offer a 60 days return period – so if you try it and it does not work for you for whatever reason, the downside is quite limted.

Bottomline – DermaDry may be for you if you are looking for home iontophoresis sessions, but do not want to splurge on a more expensive machine. It does not get you everything that some of the more expensive options have, but its a good compromise. But it here and use discount coupon code  HHN10

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