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There is no dearth of information on Hyperhidrosis on internet. However, the information is often inaccurate at best and deliberately misleading at worst. This is because there is no dearth of people wanting to take advantage of the frustration and despondency of hyperhidrosis patients who would really want to get rid of the condition and are willing to try treatment options (how many times have you seen “surgery is the best treatment for hyperhidrosis” – its not true (more on that later))

However, there are a handful of good resources for Hyperhidrosis. This post lists some of the most authentic, unbiased and genuine resources for Hyperhidrosis.


You cannot beat Wikipedia for most of the topics, and Hyperhidrosis is no exception. This may be a bit heavy on technical details, but the information is authentic. This may be the best place to start before you do your Hyperhidrosis research online.

Hyperhidrosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

International Hyperhidrosis Society

International Hyperhidrosis Society (http://www.sweathelp.org/en/) offers a lot of educational resources, treatment options, checklists, insurance issues etc. The information is factual, and you wont see any sleazy/salesy pitch trying to sell you an expensive treatment.

SweatHelp.org - Home


Not in the same category as the above two, but a solid resource nevertheless – presents the basic information and treatment options for Hyperhidrosis without making unsubstantiated claims or trying to sell.

An Overview of Hyperhidrosis, or Excessive Sweating



Hyperhidrosis Forum

Not a dedicated site for Hyperhidrosis, however this is an excellent resource for hyperhidrosis patients with an active forum where you can get some of your queries resolved. Not 100% authentic as not all users are genuine, but nevertheless a very useful and well maintained forum.

Hyperhidrosis Forum - SocialPhobiaWorld.com

Hyperhidrosis Forum – SocialPhobiaWorld.com

So, here are the 4 best online resources for Hyperhidrosis. Limit yourself to these which doing your research, and you would likely not go wrong. Always refer to a qualified medical professional before you decide to follow any advice or treatment plan.

If you still end up landing on a site that claims to offer the “guaranteed”, “sure-shot”, “best”, “cheapest”, or “proven” treatment – close the window fast!


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I have had hyperhidrosis (palms and feet) since my childhood. I have tried/researched almost every treatment for hyperhidrosis over last decade, and in the process have acquired considerable experience that I hope will help others suffering with hyperhidrosis. I am happy to help you in whatever way I can to manage your excessive sweat problem - see the About page for more details and my contact information. Remember you are not alone, and that hyperhidrosis is entirely manageable with informed treatment. Good luck! PS: I recently published all that I have learnt about Hyperhidrosis in my book No Sweat! I encourage you to check that out as I believe its the best resource out there to understand and manage hyperhidrosis without falling for the miracle cures. Will love to hear your feedback on how to make it better.

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