Dealing with my hyperhidrosis


hi im avel, 22 years old from indonesia. I had a hyperhidrosis since i was a child (about 4 years old). It was very frustating

Im a musician, i play guitar with my hyperhidrosis on my palm and feet  haha it really pissed me off when my hand and feet start to sweat. Even i still can play the guitar but it is a really bad feeling cause of the sweat of my palm.. i can’t do the handshake with people in the church when it start to sweat, and it makes me hate hyperhidrosis so much..

but i still have some tips to do haha

when it start to sweat i usually wash my hand and my feet with clean water.. or if i have a time i’ll wash it with soap too. After i washed my hand and feet it will be better and it will get dry faster than try to make it dry with napkin, towel and something else.. trust me it works very well. Because it’s like we get rid off the sweat and make our hand or feet cleaner.

and i realize that when i got sweat on my feet than my hand will sweat too.. but if my hand is sweating my feet not always got sweat too.. so i think the key is i have to make my feet dry to get my hand dry as well.. at least it work for me..

and the last thing to say.. i usually carry a protable fan to get some air circulation to make my hand and feet gets better when im outside and stat sweating hahaha

Don’t give up guys we still got it hahaha



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