The Drionic device is an FDA authorized iontophoresis instrument used to treat hyperhidrosis or heavy sweating. The Drionic unit comes into two variants – hand/foot unitand an Underarm unit. Please consult your dermatologist for any questions relating to your use of Drionic or reimbursement from your health plan.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Light weight and portable.
  • Batter Operated
  • AC current
  • Up-to 9 V of voltage

Pros: Relatively cheaper to buy, portable, easy to order (available on amazon and other retailers)

Cons: Expensive batteries, limited voltage range

While the Drionic is powered by 9V DC batteries, its converts the batteries DC power to AC.


Body Areas
  • Palmar (Palms)
  • Plantar (Feer)
Out of box
  • 1 Module
  • 4 hand/feet felt pads
  • 4 Aluminium plates
  • 1 set battery

Price for Hand/Feet Drionic Device is about $200-$225

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Where to Buy

Drionic devices are easily available online (especially in US). You can conveniently get them home-delivered from Amazon, or from manufacturer directly.

Click here to see options and buy Drionic Hand and Feet Iontophoresis Device


Click here to see options and buy Drionic Hand and Feet Iontophoresis Device

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Drionic Hand and Feet Iontophoresis Device
Average rating:  
 26 reviews
by Tyler on Drionic Hand and Feet Iontophoresis Device
Drionic - a bit uncomfortable

I bought Drionic about 2 weeks ago and been using it every day. I use full power every sessions for 30 minutes. Anyway, it's a bit uncomfortable with the stinging that you feel when using it. But well, I’ve been through worst situations mentally with sweaty hands. My sweating is about 70% cured. Still my fingertips are sweating and my hands and feet is swelling when its extremely hot indoors. So the hyperhidrosis sh*t is still a problem for me. Did this happen to anyone else? I became so frustrated that I am planning to stop. Any suggestions or comments???

Thanks in advance.

by meng on Drionic Hand and Feet Iontophoresis Device
I really liked the results!

I really liked the results of the Drionic. The sweating in my hands and feet were dry for about 5 days. I also thought I got better results from using the iontophoresis machine than I did from using other more expensive iontophoresis machines. The Drionic unit costs $198. Although definitely not cheap, if you have tried other methods such as antiperspirants with no success, iontophoresis may be a good option to look into. The process of using Drionic definitely is not a comfortable experience. You must cover all cuts with Vaseline or else you will feel sharp pain in the area of the cut. Also, you may feel pain or uncomfortable sensations when using the machine.

by Melan on Drionic Hand and Feet Iontophoresis Device
Problem with Drionic

From my own experience, iontophoresis is very effective in stopping sweat. It has completely stopped the sweating on my hands and has made my body sweat more normally. I believe that iontophoresis doesn't cause compensatory sweating like with surgery.
The problem with the Drionic is that you need to submerge the sweaty areas under the water in order to treat it. Other machines such as the Idrostar allow you to submerge your entire hand or foot into the water. The Drionic's most moronic design does not allow you to do that and the areas in the middle of your hands/feet as well as the sides of the palms will not be treated. Treatment is only effective for areas submerged under water.

by Wayne Kerry on Drionic Hand and Feet Iontophoresis Device
Average success

I used iontophoresis to stop my feet from sweating profusely, and I had moderate success, so I am not sure if I should recommend this or not. It is good because it definitely does help reduce the horribly uncomfortable sweat, blocking a part of sweat glands. Still, the success wasn't complete for me - parts of my feet still sweated even after I persisted with the treatments.

My feet also barely fit within the trays, so that was little uncomfortable too.

Well, Drionic made the difference and eased my problems a bit, so I am not unhappy. I am only a little disappointed because this did not turn out to be a miraculous cure...

by George K. on Drionic Hand and Feet Iontophoresis Device
Less sweat thanks to Drionic

Before I started with Drionic Iontophoresis, my hands were sweating heavily from the entire palmar area (fingers excluded). After I began using Drionic, my sweating increased for about three days in a row, and after it slowly started to get better. At this point, I had Iontophoresis once a day, 20 minutes per treatment. About 5 weeks after I started using the device, my sweating weakened to the point where I started to feel comfortable. While my hands are not perfectly dry, I now only sweat occasionally (when hot), and the sweating is very mild.

My main objection is that trays are not very comfortable, their shape could definitely be better. Also, I need to replace the batteries every 2-3 months...

by Micah Easton on Drionic Hand and Feet Iontophoresis Device

Only using Drionic for 5 weeks now and I am still not sure what to think about it. The bright side is that the device is pretty easy to use thanks to having a good and detailed manual. The downer is that iontophoresis sessions occasionally leave me with small skin cracks. To deal with this I have lowered the current intensity (it should be around 12mA for my hands and 15mA for my feet now). Unfortunately, this lower current doesn't seem to be working so well - my feet are still sweating more than I would like. My hands are a little better, but not completely dry.

I will give this more time. I don't know, this is helping me to a point, but I am yet to see if Drionic is really as good as it is supposed to be. Maybe my skin is simply too sensitive for the treatment, but I really hope that this will not turn out to be the case.

by Thomas on Drionic Hand and Feet Iontophoresis Device
Drionic did it!

Finally a way to get rid of horribly wet, sweaty hands! I set up a short, 20 minute long iontophoresis treatment with Drionic every 3 days and I am very happy with how it keeps my hands from dripping. In fact, my skin is so dry now it feels as if I woke up one day with someone else's hands, haha. So, I'm giving this a starred review with big thanks for helping me treat hyperhidrosis effectively.

I have one complaint, though - the blue plastic seems to be fragile. Maybe it's just me, but a piece of one blue module sort of broke in one spot, and I had to fix it with superglue. This luckily wasn't anywhere near electrodes, but still - not a perfect quality. Well, as long as it keeps working it's good.

by Klaus J. on Drionic Hand and Feet Iontophoresis Device
A wonderful discovery

I got this after a fellow hyperhidrosis sufferer recommended me to try iontophoresis. Drionic seemed like a good place to start since I was skeptical and didn't feel like spending vast amounts of money on something that might or might not work. In the end I was pleasantly surprised!

Not at first - sticking to the manual was a big feat, and I honestly admit that it took me three months to finally get it right - I mean, to persevere without skipping treatments, without cutting treatment lengths in half, and so on.

Exploring my limits was also challenging - I discovered that Drionic gives me best results if I turn the current up; the tingling gets unpleasant this way, but it is not painful, and at least I can feel it's working. So far this is proving to be efficient and I will keep it up.

by Dierdre on Drionic Hand and Feet Iontophoresis Device
Stops the sweat, yay!

Well, Drionic delivered! I am still using it, at about max (20mA) power, every 4 days. It helps me so much, considering that now I can wear any shoes I want. Also, good riddance to sport socks - I really got tired of wearing those nearly all the time!

I also love the cool look of the device - it makes the whole experience a lot more pleasant. The whole set-up is simple and easy to use; the equipment seems well done and I also did not have any trouble cleaning it. Very good experience with this sweat-stopping device - I just wish someone told me of this years ago! lol

by O. Smith on Drionic Hand and Feet Iontophoresis Device
A fine low budget iontophoresis machine

Drionic is a low-class iontophoresis machine ideal for low budgets. I can heartily recommend it if you want to try out a professional quality machine and don't feel like spending insane amounts of money. So, yeah, I really liked the price here.

So, what else did I like? Clearly, the results – in my experience, there is no great wisdom in iontophoresis if you follow the manual. It took weeks for my sweating to stop, but once it did, I had zero problems maintaining my sweat-free state.

Of course, I don't like having to order new batteries every once in a while, but this is really the only major flaw I found with Drionic. It delivers results that beat antiperspirants any day, and it helped me become a changed man (that might sound dramatic, but anyone suffering from hyperhidrosis should understand what I mean!)

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