Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device Review


The Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device is an FDA authorized iontophoresis instrument used to treat hyperhidrosis or heavy sweating. The Drionic unit comes into two variants – hand/foot unit and an Underarm unit. Please consult your dermatologist for any questions relating to your use of Drionic or reimbursement from your health plan.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Light weight and portable.
  • Batter Operated
  • AC current
  • Up-to 9 V of voltage

Pros: Relatively cheaper to buy, portable, easy to order (available on amazon and other retailers)

Cons: Expensive batteries, limited voltage range


While the Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device is powered by 9V DC batteries, its converts the batteries DC power to AC.

Body Areas
Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device can be used to treat Underarm (Axillary) Hyperhidrosis
Out of box
  • 1 Module
  • 4 underarm pads
  • 4 Aluminium plates
  • 1 set battery

Price for Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device is about $210

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Where to Buy

Drionic devices are easily available online (especially in US). You can conveniently get them home-delivered from Amazon, or from manufacturer directly.

Click here to see options and buy Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device

Click here to see options and buy Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device


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Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
by Nathan on Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device
Hurts and does not work

I've tried this unit for a month now, while I see a slight decrease in sweating, it really hurts a lot and you should see how red my skin is after the treatments, I'm definitely returning this.

by Peter on Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device
It works for me


I bought drionic about two weeks ago and been using it every day during morning when i get up and nights before i go to bed. I used it in full power for around 30 minutes.
It is a bit uncomfortable with the stinging that you feel when using it. I was skeptical when using it first…but it does work!


by Jessie on Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device
Drionic - The Home Iontophoresis Machine

If you are suffering from excessive foot sweating then you’ll probably have tried antiperspirants and other measures. But those first-line treatments deemed inefficient and you may need more invasive sweat reduction therapy.

The first option is iontophoresis.
This works by emerging your feet in water and exposing them to a mild electric current sweat glands are closed. This temporary effect results in less sweat being excreted to the outer skin of your feet.

Iontophoresis works for a lot of people and has virtually no side effects. Some people may experience minor skin reactions including dryness, blisters, and itchy sensation or, initially, a mild rash. This treatment can be irritating or painful in case you have cuts or other wounds.

It does not work for everyone. If you belong to those unlucky souls you may have to get botox injections or undergo surgery.

If iontophoresis works for you, getting your own device will probably be more affordable in the long run.

Drionic is the most affordable iontophoresis device available on the consumer market. It comes in two versions, a unit for hands and feet treatment and an underarm unit.

What are its pros and cons?


  • The most affordable. At $216 the Drionic is the least expensive device on the consumer market.

  • Works for many people. Iontophoresis sessions are the first line treatment for people who tried antiperspirants and other cures to no avail.


  • Battery powered. Makes use of expensive, hard to get by batteries that don’t last very long. Some customers have batteries shipped over from the US.

  • Poorly built. Its design could be improved upon. Especially the elevated mid part prevents you from submerging the middle of your feet and thus treating the whole surface of your foot soles and sides of your feet at once.

by Ilona G. on Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device
Helps, but can be painful

I ordered this device in hope that it can help me regulate my usually excessive underarm sweating, which gets especially out of control during summer, or in winter if I'm wearing a really warm sweater indoors with the heating on...

Anyway, learning how to use Drionic was easy, and I had no trouble setting everything up. I followed the manual, and opted for longer treatments (about an hour) with a lower current setting.

I had to use the lower current setting because iontophoresis turned out to be painful for me. I probably had small cuts on my skin (from depilation), but I couldn't easily locate where these, practically invisible cuts, were, so I couldn't apply petroleum accurately. The pain made treatments unpleasant, but I endured because the results were worth it. My advice: if you're using this, only shave your armpits when you need to.

by Eugene Benson on Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device
Very good cure for sweaty underarms

Before it felt as if it rained from my underarms, and now the sweating is highly reduced - in other words, normal. 🙂

So, what happened is that I used this device to treat my armpits with iontophoresis, first every day for 45 minutes, and now every 5-7 days for 45 minutes at a time. This is actually pretty good and doesn't take all too much effort to keep excessive sweating under control.

However, my complaint is that this was advertised as something that will keep the sweat away for "up to 6 weeks" after a single maintenance treatment. In my experience this was exaggerated. Maybe iontophoresis doesn't work perfectly for me? All in all, I am happy as it is - one treatment every week is still okay as long as it works!

by VickiT on Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device
Drionic underarm: cool, works well

First to get my complaints out of the way: I get annoyed sometimes because my batteries seem to run out of power too quickly, and then if I did not order them on time, I have to stop with the treatments until the new ones arrive, which makes my sweating worse.

Now moving on to the good stuff: this is a very simple, painless, easy-to-use way to get rid of sweat. I love it because usually I only need to endure one treatment every 5-10 days to keep my sweating under control. (I need more treatments when it's warmer.) It's a very clean method whose main side-effect is that it can irritate the skin, which happens to me only very rarely.

Overall this works, and if it only had better or rechargeable batteries, Drionic would be perfect.

by W.T. Barnell on Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device
Drionic wins against sweat 🙂

I have always struggled to keep my underarm sweating under control, using antiperspirants, sweat pads, special undershirts and so on... Since I never had trouble trying different things, I ordered Drionic after hearing a few good things about it. I use it once nearly every day, at medium intensity and for about 30-40 minutes in once session. This is not a problem because it's easy to use it while watching a television...

Anyway, my sweating is completely under control now - this is like a super efficient antiperspirant. 🙂 I only wish I didn't have to buy new batteries every 2 months, but okay, the expense is still tolerable.

by John R.C. on Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device

Really effective as a sweat gland plug. Once I get my underarms properly ionized with frequent treatments, I can last for about 10 days without sweat in autumn/winter, and for about 4 days without (excessive) armpit sweat in summer/spring. No bad side effects; tingling can get unpleasant but is perfectly tolerable. Batteries typically last me 6-7 months, which is not so bad.

Drionic's plastic is of dubious quality, which particularly showed on top clips (a.k.a. shoulder clips) which broke all too easily. They are not a crucial part of the machine so I didn't mind that much, but I guess that's why Drionic is one of the cheaper iontophoresis machines. Still, well worth the price you pay for it.

by Rhonda I. on Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device
Loved it!

First I had nearly a month of tiresome daily treatments, with Drionic's voltage maxed out. After every treatment I would hold towels soaked in cool chamomile tea under my armpits, and then used an Aloe Vera gel to stop the irritation.

It was trying and uncomfortable, but everything worked out perfectly after that first month. Now I am having maintenance treatments only every 5 days, and because they are not so frequent, the pain is absent as well.

For me this was a great way to get my underarm sweating down to the weak, normal intensity. 🙂

by Nicoletta on Drionic Underarm Iontophoresis Device
No more perpetually stained shirts

Drionic was a nice way to soothe my sweating troubles. Before I had many problems with excessive sweating, my underarms were always wet and the sweat stains would spread round and round, making huge, horrible stains on my clothes.

When I got this I hoped to get rid of sweating for good, but after a month, I unfortunately have to say that my underarms still sweat. Luckily this sweat is not as bad as before; there are no more awkward stains as I sweat a lot less. Drionic somehow managed to block my sweating in the very middle of my underarms, but the wider underarm area still sweats. That is unfortunate.

As of now, I haven't managed to set up the modules to cover a bigger area. If this changes, I trust I will get better results.

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