Hello to all sufferers ,

i bought a device that was mainly designed for treatment of the feet and hands ( sweating )

but since I don’t sweat excessively in my hands or feet i asked the producer company if they had any device for face and head sweating and they told me that they actually had masks for face and head sweating the price tag was very expensive the whole system was priced at nearly £600 which is probably $850

anyway, I had to give it a try because my life was and still is a torture, I was do excited to try it and I must say that it isn’t an easy thing to use but I followed the instructions and I felt pins and needles on my head but the strange thing was that when I try to increase the power

I feel spaced out and dizzy and when I turn it down a bit the feeling is similar to being in an airplane when it’s descending

I think I’m extra sensitive when i travel by airplanes because I feel dreadful when the aircraft is about to land because I feel dizzy and spaced out and every time I use the iontopherasis device I feel very strange and dizzy but I was hoping that the hassle would be worth it but unfortunately the mask doesn’t touch every part of my head and face so the result is patchy and not good enough

and sometimes it can cause visual disturbance such as flickering lights or sparks that are only in my head and not there .

I'm hoping to get some sort gel to apply to the mask so that the currents will touch my skin because whoever designed this device didn’t test it enough and its main flaw is its inability to stay in touch with the skin .