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R.A. Fischer is one of the leading vendors of Iontophoresis devices in US and is available by prescription only. The Fischer MD-2 is a programmable Iontophoresis device specially designed for medical treatment of Hyperhidrosis.

The MD-2 includes several pre-set treatment modes and its customizable user-memory allows one-touch set-up, along with two methods of automatic polarity reversal for virtual hands free operation.

  • Pulsed Current with Auto-reversing polarity
  • A 32-character LCD display
  • Touchpad keyboard,
  • Microprocessor control of output level
  • Self-regulating current
  •   Programmable intensity and timing
  • Seven pre-set modes (session settings)
  • Custom user memory for one-touch operation
  • Autosense current sensor to reduce sensation
  • Treatment timer with audio alarm
  • Requires a prescription from your doctor

Pros: May be reimbursed by insurance, Option to rent the machine, Pulsed Polarity Current,

Cons: Expensive, Not as polished as Idromed or Hidrex

The Fischer MD-1a is powered by regular AC line voltage and produces pulsed current that can be applied with standard wet-pad electrodes or 9×12 waterbath trays.
Body Areas
  • Palmar (Palms)
  • Plantar (Feer)
  • Axillary (underarm)
Out of box
  • 1 x Galvanic Unit (Model MD-2)
  • (2) Patient connection cords (Red and Black)
  • Optional: Tray for hand and/or feet
  • Optional: Sponge Wet Pads

The price is in the range of $900 (with hand or feet trays). Additional charges apply for underarm pads.

You can also opt to try the machine first through their rental program for $59 per month and then buy it later if it works for you – that's a good option, especially if you are hesitant to invest the full amount upfront.

And the good folks at R.A. Fisher have agreed to give a special discount to my readers! Just type in the code hhn75 at the checkout and save $75 on this machine (only applicable if you buy it from their official website )

Where To Buy

The easiest way to buy (or rent) a Fischer Galvanic MD-2 is their official website. You can go here, and provide your details, a doctor's prescription (you can even scan or take photograph of the prescription if you want) and pay online. They provide free delivery, and a pretty solid 45 day money-back guarantee – so if you don;t it for whatever reason, you are covered.

And especially for our readers, the good folks at R.A. Fischer have agreed to give a special discount to my readers! Just type in the code hhn75 at the checkout and save $75 on this machine (only applicable if you buy it from their official website )


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Fischer Galvanic MD-2
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 23 reviews
by Paul Pronti on Fischer Galvanic MD-2
This is not actually a review but a correction of the information

I'm and engineer with hyperhidrodis. I'm just about to buy a machine. I have looked with very diligent intent into the specifications of the US available iontophoresis machines.

The Phisher products do not have the pulsing feature. That may or may not be important to a user, but I've see in several places that detail, but that is not the case.

If you look at their product information they clearly tell you that voltage is ramped from 0 when you apply the device. You cannot have that feature with a "pulsed" voltage.

by Jen on Fischer Galvanic MD-2

Doing this at 10ma for 20 minutes. I haven't built up a tolerance. 5 sessions in. It's helped a bit. Hurts more every time. Hands hurt the most.

by Awatarko on Fischer Galvanic MD-2
A Fischer Galvanic review from a newbie user

I started doing iontophoresis for my hands about a month ago, and I am still trying out different options to get the best results, so take my review with a grain of salt.

What I can say with absolute certainty, is that Fischer Galvanic MD-2 is a very high quality iontophoresis device - it really shows in many details of the equipment. I was even startled by its many options, and the buttons seemed confusing at first.

Finally I settled at doing iontophoresis treatments 3 times a week, at 17 mA power, and at the moment each of my treatments is 20 minutes long. My hands are less sweaty than before, but they still sweat more than it is normal, so I will try increasing treatment times to get even better results.

by Acker on Fischer Galvanic MD-2
A huge relief for my sweaty feet

I use Fischer MD-2 for my feet, which used to sweat so profusely that I had to buy new shoes every two months! You can tell it was bad, because to me, getting a doctor's prescription for Fischer was a piece of cake, and even my insurance policy covered the expenses once they saw my medical records.

The device itself, once it arrived, proved itself useful. Thank heavens!

I am a little disappointed with the size of this iontophoresis device, because it's larger than I expected, and it doesn't feel portable. However, the setup is quick and it's easy to use: I take 20-min treatments three times a week, and my sweating is seriously reduced. I hope that in time, my feet will be entirely dry and I will be free to enjoy walks like healthy people do. 🙂

by RtooDtoo on Fischer Galvanic MD-2
Useful for getting rid of excessive sweat

The device was a little bit painful when I used it on my palms, but after trying out several different session settings, I managed to get rid of this sensation without ruining the sweat-free results. With feet I had no problems, and while it took me some weeks to get my feet dry, eventually I was really happy with the way things worked out.

The Fischer device itself is of very high quality, and I have no objections there. I guess it can be a little challenging to keep up with the treatments, and personally I wasn't happy with the fact I regularly had to clean the device after iontophoresis. Still, Fischer being a fairly expensive piece of equipment, I want to take good care of it. 🙂

by Shoshana on Fischer Galvanic MD-2

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this machine. I have struggled with excessive sweating on my hands and feet for as long as I can remember, and in four treatments with this machine, the problem literally disappeared. I'm in total awe of the speed and completeness with which the treatments worked. Anyone with excessive sweating should absolutely give this a try, though fair warning - I find the electric currents painful.

by C.F. on Fischer Galvanic MD-2
Recommended - works well on hands and feet

After one of the countless visits to my dermatologist, the doctor gave me a prescription for Fischer Galvanic and assured me that my insurance will cover part of the expenses. I had to jump through a few bureaucratic hoops, but it really did work out fine.

The iontophoresis machine itself did not disappoint me - quite on contrary, in fact. I enjoyed using the mild pulsed current, because there were no unpleasant sensations during the treatments - not on my hands, or feet. Each single treatment takes me about 30 minutes on average, and this is also my only complaint - iontophoresis as a whole takes up a fair chunk of my schedule, especially since I do treatments every two days, for both my hands and feet.

My doctor convinces me that I will need less and less treatments as time goes by, so we'll see. For now, at least I am pleased to say that my sweating is much, much weaker than before!

by Luciana W. on Fischer Galvanic MD-2
Programming the treatment in advance is great

I suffer from anxiety, and iontophoresis is one of the things I was anxious about in the past. (I still am, but getting over it!)

Thanks to the advanced technology used in Fischer Galvanic MD-2, I managed to use it despite feeling anxious about the whole current-through-my-hands thing.

Timed treatments option is lovely. Whenever I take iontophoresis, I set up an audio book to play for me, so I can just sink my hands into the water, close my eyes and relax and listen to the audio book without a care in the world. With the treatment audio alarm, I can try and forget about iontophoresis while doing it, which removes my anxiety about the procedure. The more I can program every detail in advance, the more I can stop thinking about the treatment. This is really very helpful.

The best thing is that iontophoresis really works for me; now my hands remain dry in most situations, and I feel a lot healthier and better about my life in general.

by Toby on Fischer Galvanic MD-2
Much better than a homemade iontophoresis device

I rented and then bought a Fischer Galvanic MD-2 device this year. I have a bad case of multiple focal hyperhidrosis, but decided to use iontophoresis on only some parts of my body.

To clarify: I do not feel comfortable running a current through my underarms, so I didn't even bother to try doing iontophoresis there. I am satisfied with how iontophoresis keeps my palms and feet dry, and I will continue treatments for them.

About those treatments: I tried various settings in the first couple of weeks, and in the end settled at 18V and 80% pulsed current for treating palmar hyperhidrosis, and 20V and 80% pulsed current for plantar hyperhidrosis.

These settings can be a little uncomfortable sometimes, but they are very effective and reduce my sweating almost perfectly. In comparison, a homemade device removed only about a third of my sweating. So, I can only conclude that Fischer Galvanic is an excellent iontophoresis device.

by Marc Gernhold on Fischer Galvanic MD-2
My review of Fischer Galvanic MD-2

NOTE: I have a heavy case of hyperhidrosis on several body areas and I'm writing this review after treating my hyperhidrosis with Fischer Galvanic MD-2 for five months.


- Extensive programming freedom to adjust the device as you wish

- Hi-tech controls and display allow for quick set up of the treatments, something that saves a lot of time in the long run

- Safe and painless, leaves no bad side effects


- Tricky to use on the underarms - the feeling can be unpleasant, and the results are not as stellar as on the hands and feet; although the excessive sweating is also reduced on the underarms.

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