A Question for Hyperhidrosis Network Members!

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        Elena V. on #1920

        Calling all Hyperhidrosis Network members!

        Please tell us how it feels to be a member of this hyperhidrosis community. 🙂

        If you need some guidelines, consider these…

        – Do you feel that being a part of Hyperhidrosis Network helped you in your fight against excessive sweat? How in particular?

        – Do you find hyperhidrosis treatment tips and options found here useful? Are there any you would like to add? (If yes, please post away!)

        – What do you value the most about Hyperhidrosis Network? Is it the information on the website, or is it the community itself? Or maybe something else?

        Can't wait to hear your feedback! Please don't feel obliged to stick to my guidelines/questions, and of course any ideas for improvement are always welcome. 🙂

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        JennyDale on #1931

        I love being a member of this community! It helped me a lot to be able to freely express all my fears and problems related to hyperhidrosis – and especially facial excessive sweat. It feels good psychologically, being able to vent sometimes. And yes, I learned a lot of great tips on this website, and I learned even more about iontophoresis for hyperhidrosis – a treatment that I probably wouldn't think of otherwise. And I also love sharing tips – like those on antiperspirants – because it feels good to be useful – it makes me feel that at least something good has come out of my excessive sweating.

        And last but not least – the people here are very friendly and nice and supportive! 🙂 🙂

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        Tim Fleiss on #1932

        I was mostly drawn by neat informative articles on the website. I think they offer an excellent overview of all topics related to hyperhidrosis.

        I also joined to explore various treatment options – and I think I succeeded in figuring out the ideal hyperhidrosis treatment for my specific set of sweating problems. And it was interesting to hear of new things – e.g. miraDry. I like keeping an eye on Hyperhidrosis Network to keep up with the news and to hear about new hyperhidrosis treatment options.

        The community itself is very warm and friendly, and offers another important aspect – the advice of many fellow hyperhidrosis patients themselves. There's power in numbers, so I'm glad that we stick together. Excessive sweat doesn't stand a chance. 😉

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        Belle Rhine on #3697

        Yes I am a member and I love being one! I am sweating excessively and in this community I can be able to express all my fears and problems, and I got some advices also. I learned a lot of tips and tricks to overcome depression due to hyperhidrosis, and also got some tips on treatment. I also joined some other online community out there and I would say that the people here are lot more supportive and active as well. I love listening, or reading rather, to other member’s experiences on the different treatment they have gone to, and I always participate in the discussions.

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        Lindac on #8154


        I am a silent reader here and this is my first time to post comment. This community somehow helped me in managing my sweating. I feel I am not alone in this fight. Excessive sweating is something you never truly get used to. It's a constant frustration that can not be forgotten. I've never really talked to anyone, not even my family. Unless someone has dealt with it themselves, they can't really understand and that makes talking about it difficult. Thankful I found this site. I have tried the natural ways in fighting excessive sweating. Somehow it helped me. Just haven't tried the pricey one like botox. Thanks for the tips anyway.

        Linda C.

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        Denisss on #8999

        I also overcame excessive sweating, it was a challenge to overcome them forever. I was tempted to iontophoresis treatment, before it was not available to me I tried to cope with other methods that helped only for a moment, my still sweaty armpits needed something stronger. I used electro antiperspirant, I don't know if anyone knows this product, but you can believe me, it's really good for battle with sweating.

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