Am I overdoing it?

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        Plastic Pete on #1429

        For the past 2 weeks I had iontophoresis every single day (except Sundays.. got to take a break sometimes. :D)
        Anyway, my skin could take it, so that means zero problems with irritation etc…
        What happened is that two weeks ago I had so-so results, then this started to improve, more and more… About five days ago my feet were completely dry!
        But then, for the last three days I started sweating more again. What the heck? And now I wonder am I overdoing it? Did my body somehow get used to iontophoresis and now the treatment doesn't have the same effect?

        I don't get this. What should I do?

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        Wallace Trent on #1430

        Uh I never heard of anyone overdosing on iontophoresis… I do know of some cases where people get “used” to the treatments, stop for a few weeks, then start again and blam – the results are back!
        Still, you using this for what, a few weeks? That doesn't seem like a long enough time to get “used” to it.

        Wait and see how it goes. Maybe the change of these last few days is actually triggered by your socks, diet, stress… Doesn't have to do with your Fischer.

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        Tim Fleiss on #1431

        Hmm, Pete, what settings do you use? It's a pulsed current, right? How long are your treatments?
        I don't know, this could depend on many factors. Maybe you accidentally changed something in your settings/machine memory – if you're using pre-programmed custom settings and so on…
        Or maybe something about the water is different?

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