Antiperspirant for Palmar Hyperhidrosis

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        Steven C. on #9169

        I have palmar hyperhidrosis since junior high school days. Before, I wasn't aware that it is actually a disease. I always ask my mom why are my hands always sweaty? How do I stop my hands from sweating? My mom thought it was a part of my puberty. But hey, it's been almost six years and I still suffer from this situation.

        How do you treat sweaty palms?

        One option that the doctor told me is to undergo Botox. Not the one that is use as cosmetic surgery, but there is actually a Botox for palmar hyperhidrosis. But it is pricey that I cannot afford it considering I am only 20. I also tried soaking my hands in vinegar, I also used baking soda, applied coconut oil to name a few. But the sweat keeps on coming back. Then somebody told me that the first line-of-defense against sweaty palms is an antiperspirant. So I tried looking for the one that would best suit my needs.

        What is the best antiperspirant for hands?

        Carpe antiperspirant hand lotion is one of the best ones. It is specifically designed to stop sweaty, clammy hands. It helps manage the symptoms of palmar hyperhidrosis, or excessive hand sweat.

        The other one I tried is ZeroSweat antiperspirant lotion. It is also popular in treating hands sweating.

        Another one I tried is Odaban, what I like here the most is that it is a spray and not a lotion. They also have hand cream and lotion but I bought the spray one. This extra strength antiperspirant spray reduces my perspiration and also the odor efficiently.

        Of all these three, I would go for Carpe. It is recommended for those who suffer from excessive sweating of the hands. I also found this one is available in all leading stores.

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        Ilana on #9189

        Thank you for pointing out about antiperspirant for palmar hyperhidrosis. I am suffering too with the situation and it is hard for me to undergo Botox, or Miradry, they are not an option specially in these times of pandemic. I cannot find Carpe in the supermarket but I found ZeroSweat.

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        Kaitlyn on #9219

        Hey guys, have you tried talcum powder for palm sweating? I found it keeping me dry. Cornstarch also worked the same way. So I think you don't need to stress yourself on finding the antiperspirant that specifically made for palms as powder will do. My brother used baking soda, and it worked for him, too. He just mixed it with warm water.

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        Janus on #9492

        I also have palm sweating and I just bought Carpe. How many times can I apply this per day? Can it reapplied be more than once? My hands sweat after a few hours of applying. Is there any side effects if I apply more than once? Say, whenever needed?

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        bella on #9657

        Hi Janus,

        I am applying Carpe whenever needed. So far I do not have any side effects experienced.

        – Bella

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        Dr. John Awa on #13213

        Sad to say, people with palmar hyperhidrosis may sweat even when the temperature is cool or when they are at rest. In most cases, it is perfectly natural.

        However, excessive hand sweating occurs without such triggers. Those with palmar hyperhidrosis appear to have overactive sweat glands.  In the majority of primary hyperhidrosis cases, no cause can be found. It seems to run in families. If the sweating occurs as a result of another medical condition, it is called secondary hyperhidrosis. The sweating may be all over the body, or it may be in one area.

        In severe cases, a minimally invasive surgical procedure called thoracoscopic sympathectomy may be performed when other treatments fail. This procedure eliminates the pathway from the nervous system to the palms of the hands which have led the body to have excessive sweating in the palms. It is usually done on patients whose palms sweat much more heavily than normal. It may also be used to treat extreme sweating of the face.

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