Anxiety and Hyperhidrosis

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        Steve on #979

        Reading through this forum, I have noticed talk about anxiety and its connection to hyper hydrosis.
        While we know what hyperhidrosis is, it's not so easy to figure out what's anxiety – I mean, what's the difference between a small anxiety issue and the real (maybe even clinical) problem.

        I ran into a really good website, which I hope will be useful around here. So, feel free to check it out:
        There are even tests you can take to determine the level of your anxiety! I honestly hope this will be helpful to anyone trying to determine hyperhidrosis causes related to anxiety.

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        Toby on #984

        I used to be more anxious when I was younger, but mostly grew out of it by now. Of course, there's a catch… I'm prone to head sweating sometimes – especially on my brow, and it is really extremely noticeable. This turns out into a real disaster in meetings.
        I do my best to deal with it: keeping my hair very short and using anti-perspirant on my forehead regularly. This created a decent sweat block and I don't sweat as much. Still, I can't get rid of this small amount of underlying anxiety whenever I am in meetings – I always feel the need to dab at my face with handkerchief, just in case… 😕

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        Tim Fleiss on #985

        Having supportive family and friends is, I believe, an excellent shield when dealing with excessive perspiration and its effects on the quality of life. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I never had problems with anxiety, and it makes me feel very lucky.
        I always say: stay positive no matter what – there are worse things than profuse sweating, and nobody is perfect anyway – don't be ashamed of your condition! 😉

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        Ramona on #989

        I finally found the time to check this link out and I even solved the anxiety test over there. Is says I suffer from moderate general anxiety. When it comes to specific anxiety levels, social anxiety and agoraphobia are severe. I am not surprised by this. ^__^

        It also says:

        It's hard for you to enjoy life on any consistent level. You're hardly ever experiencing a peace of mind. You're often fearful, worrisome, and unhappy. You don't like being this way but you don't know what to do to change.

        This is so true… The website is supposed to e-mail me the detailed report and some strategies on managing anxiety, so maybe that will help a bit and I can learn how to reduce sweating. Then again, I doubt they will tell me anything new. (I talked to a psychologist already.)

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        jessie on #1388

        Oh, I was just thinking of creating a thread about social anxiety, and then saw this…
        I didn't take that test there. Is it about social anxiety or just general anxiety?
        Ramona, did you learn anything useful from those test results?

        Anyone else here coping with anxiety along with hyperhidrosis?

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