Would anyone like my old (hardly used) iontophoresis device?

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      ELC on #4700

      Hey folks,

      I bought a Iontophoresis device in high school because of severe sweating at the time.
      I was never disciplined to use it on a regular basis! So it didn't get used often.

      I'm hoping to mail it to someone who'd like to use it. I don't want any money (although covering the cost of postage would be nice – I live in Australia).
      I just don't want to put in to go to landfill!

      It's an Idromed 5 PS model and comes with sponges for armpits as well as tubs for hands and feat. Nothing is missing and it's in working order. I guess you can google more info about the model ????

      Best wishes to you all!



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      Aidan Miskella on #4728

      Hi Ellie,
      My name is Aidan, 19 years old and underarm sweating is starting to take an emotional toll on my life. Desperately looking for solutions, botox and the iontophoresis machine but they are very costly. If you still have the second hand machine it would love to buy it. Let me know if you still have it.

    • Bryan Au on #4729

      Hi Eleanor,

      I would be willing to cover the shipping costs of the device due to the fact that I am in need of one but I live in Canada.



    • Pooya on #4902

      Hi Ellie

      Is the device still available? Anyways you are really kind that you are doing this.


    • Peter on #5025

      Hi Ellie, is it still available and what type?

    • Alexandra White on #5101

      I am desparate for a machine, it yours still available? If not, would you happen to know where I could purchase one second hand? I will happily cover the shipping on yours if still available?

      Many thanks 🙂

    • Alexandra White on #5100

      I am desperate for a machine, is yours still available? Or do you know where I could get a second hand machine?

      Many thanks.


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      ELC on #5757

      Apologies all, I never got notifications for this thread and since i don't use this forum i only stumbled back onto this now.

      Is there anyone out there still in interested in the Iontophoresis Device?

      I've asked for notifications via email now so i should be alerted.

      Thanks and apologies again to anyone who got their hopes up.


    • Laura on #5760

      Yes, I will take for my son

    • Laura on #5761

      Hi, yes I will take for my son, pleaplease email me


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        ELC on #5789

        Sure Laura, What's your email? I'm not sure how it works on these forums but i can't find a way to direct message you. Maybe you need to friend request me?

    • Laura on #5762

      I would please

    • Gloria Kim on #5787

      Hello! My name is Gloria and I am interested in buying your machine! I would love to talk about it with you! Please let me know!

    • Gloria Kim on #5788

      Hello, my name is Gloria and I am interested in buying the device and would love to talk about pricing with you! Please let me know.

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