Can one have multiple Iontophoresis treatments simultaneously?

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        Twinkle on #1326

        Having hyperhidrosis in several body areas makes iontophoresis seem like a challenging treatment option, so I wondered if anyone does it? Is it doable in the long run?

        If iontophoresis is so great, I would consider buying a device and all necessary accessories. If I do this, can I run iontophoresis to treat hands, feet and underarms simultaneously? If yes, can I do this with only 1 device or is it only possible with several devices?

        I mean, underarms will probably require much lower current settings than feet, so my guess would be that I cannot run simultaneous treatments with the same iontophoresis device. Am I right? 🙁

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        Wallace Trent on #1327

        I never had the need to run multiple iontophoresis treatments at the same time, but I do believe that you are unfortunately right – you would need 2 machines for what you described.

        I imagine it would be clumsy to perform that. Why the need to treat all three areas at once? Just get one versatile device and then run one treatment for hands & feet together, and then one for underarms. Bottom line – you won't be doing these treatments on daily basis, so it's not going to take that much of your time as you maybe think it will.

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