Do you know anyone else with hyperhidrosis in RL?

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        Sean M. on #891

        The newest blog post on this website just got me thinking. If about 3% of the people have hyperhidrosis, that would statistically mean that out of 100 people I know, 2 more should have excessive sweating of some kind. Huh, naturally, I don't keep in touch with 100 people on regular basis – and I'm not gonna go and ask near-strangers if they sweat too much, lol.

        I'm the only person with hyperhidrosis I know in real life. Is this common? It does feel lonely sometimes… I can talk about my condition to people close to me, but even if they're willing to listen to my complaints about how I'm sweating too much, I know they won't really understand me.

        Do you know anyone else in real life who suffers from hyperhidrosis? Does it help you deal with it?

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        Tim Fleiss on #892

        Yes, I do have one friend who has palmar hyperhidrosis (while I have axillary hyperhidrosis) and it definitely help us both deal with this condition.
        We don't meet that often (maybe once a month), but when we do see each other, we exchange some advices on how to prevent sweating, discuss excessive sweating causes, stuff like that, y'know.

        And just like you wrote up there, it's really cool to talk to someone who understands what you're going through.

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        jessie on #898

        If only I had friends who sweat too much, my life would be much nicer. Haha, okay, that sounds ridiculous, but you get what I mean! XD

        Tim you're totally lucky to have a friend who understands you! If there are really 180 million people out there with hyperhidrosis, I'm sure I will sooner or later run into someone who's also dealing with profuse sweating. 🙂

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        Elena V. on #904

        I don't know anyone else – well maybe my aunt has a very mild hyperhidrosis, but she got used to it by now and she doesn't consider herself to have it. She doesn't like talking about it either. 😕

        Seems to me that many people don't like talking about it. Everyone is doing their best to hide the fact they sweat too much. Tim and jessie, you have probably already met people with some type of hyperhidrosis, but just don't know it. 😛
        That's why I'm happy we have online places like this – they're a good substitute for lack or RL friends with hh!

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        Plastic Pete on #970

        I know some people who sweat profusely, but I couldn't say if they actually have hyperhidrosis. Well, either way, we don't hang out and we never talked about excessive perspiration… So I suppose my answer to this thread would be: no.

        In real life, people don't like talking about this, so I'm not surprised we all feel isolated and alone. A pity, cause I'd love hearing tips on how to not sweat, etc.

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        Wallace Trent on #972

        You could say hyperhidrosis is a thing in our family, so 2-3 of us make a small supportive network, share treatment machines and tips and so on. Mostly it's palmar hyperhidrosis, but mild axillary hyperhidrosis is also an issue.

        Just like Pete said, we don't tend to talk a lot about our profuse sweating to “outsiders” in real life. It's a private thing. Not a big secret, but not something you'll advertise either…

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