effective ways for hyperhidrosis

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        thalia on #6773

        Hello everyone,
        Hyperhidrosis is a very real and embarrassing problem, but there are some effective ways to treat it. Before you hide under bulky sweaters or move to a chillier climate, you can try these proven techniques for combating excessive sweating Antiperspirants aren't only for your underarms. You can also apply some of them to other areas where you sweat, like your hands and feet. Some may even be applied to the hairline. Don't just roll or spray on your antiperspirant/deodorant in the morning and forget about it. Also apply it at night before you go to bed — it will help keep you drier.

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        Kirsten on #7925

        I don't understand what are you trying to point out. But there are lots of effective ways to stop excessive sweating. You can try dressing in light, breathable fabrics with ample ventilation. Look for materials like cotton and bamboo.

        Also you need to stay hydrated as dehydration can lead to more sweating. You may have heard the eight glasses a day rule, but experts suggest nine glasses for women and 13 for men. Eating fruits and vegetables is also a great way to reduce the amount of sweat your body generates. Cucumbers, Celery, Watermelon, Spinach, Lettuce, Grapefruit, Bell Peppers and Olive Oil are a great way to start.

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