Everlasting antiperspirant

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        jasmine on #6574

        The best antiperspirant for underarms have many advantages: they stop the formation of bacteria that causes body odor. They contain alcohol and antimicrobial agents that help to reduce bacteria. But there are some disadvantages too which may affect your health. So it’s best to look at the ingredients of antiperspirant. Antiperspirants aren't just for your underarms. You can use them on your hands and feet, too, as well as along your hairline to help with facial sweating. It can help to gently massage the antiperspirant into your skin. The spray kind works well for sweaty feet. And your antiperspirant isn't just for the morning, either. Studies show that it’s best to put it on twice a day — once in the morning and again just before bed. If you put it on only once, it’s more helpful to do it before you go to bed.

        If over-the-counter antiperspirants don’t work, your doctor can prescribe something stronger. It’s a good idea to test any new antiperspirant on a small area first to see if it bothers your skin. Antiperspirants plug up your sweat ducts, telling your body to stop making sweat in those areas. Don’t get these mixed up with deodorants, which only mask odor and don’t stop the sweat.

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        sandra on #6831

        Let me start by saying that I admit my expectations or hopes for this product may have been a bit high. I do suffer from excessive perspiration or “cranial-facial hyperhydrosis”. Mine is brought on by warmth or sudden increases in temperature. My job requires me to be outside most of the time. In the summer, just a short time in the sun under even light exertion would cause a fountain of sweat from my forehead & down my nose. In the winter, after being outside in to cold, walking into even a climate controlled room (68-73*F) would cause the waterworks to start. Need some advices . THANKS.

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