Excessive sweating as a symptom of serious medical condition

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        Toby on #1099

        I do not have a “serious medical condition”, but recently I read a story of a woman who thought she had hyperhidrosis, but it turned out her sweating was caused by a dangerous liver malfunction. This story scared me and reminded me how excessive perspiration can be a sign of a serious health problem. I had consulted my physician earlier and know that my condition is “only” a primary hyperhidrosis… but not everyone does that.

        Did you all consult your physicians? If not, this is a wake-up call: there are many possible excessive sweating causes, so please make sure that your sweating is not related to a serious illness! ❗

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        Wallace Trent on #1100

        As a hyperhidrosis veteran, I've also known for a long time that my condition is strictly primary hyperhidrosis. I agree with you – it's best to consult a physician as soon as heavy sweating becomes a noticeable hindrance. Apart from giving your mind a rest, a doctor can also give you a prescription for antiperspirants, an iontophoresis machine, and so on.

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        jessie on #1105

        This is interesting, and also worries me a little. I never undertook any blood (or other) tests that should determine if I really have “only” hyperhidrosis.
        However, I remember reading that excessive sweating in localized areas of the body AND first appearing in adolescence or earlier is likely a primary hyperhidrosis; on the other hand, excess sweating that first appears in later years (forties, fifties, etc) can be a sign of serious illness. :/

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