Focal Hyperhidrosis in Several Locations

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        Vivian Morden on #999

        Ok, I believe we all know the answer to the question “what is hyperhidrosis?” but I don't know if everybody knows the difference between Focal HH and Secondary HH, so…
        Focal or Primary Hyperhidrosis refers to excessive sweating in one smaller area of your body. (Like hands, or feet, or forehead/face, or armpits…)
        Secondary Hyperhidrosis is generalized excessive sweating present all over the body, and usually connected to some other medical condition.
        Conclusion: typically, focal hyperhidrosis = “regular” hyperhidrosis a.k.a. the type of excessive perspiration you all seem to be talking about…

        I have Focal Hyperhidrosis in several locations: hands, armpits and forehead. How common is this? I believe that it's more common to have Primary Hyperhidrosis focused in only one area of the body. Having to worry about how to stop excessive sweating in several parts of the body is like juggling. Difficult. 😐

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        Twinkle on #1002

        I have this, too. Sweaty armpits AND sweaty feet AND (somewhat) sweaty hands. And I feel you – it's not easy keeping excess sweating in multiple body areas under control. Unfortunately I don't think this is all that unusual – it seems to me that many people with hyperhidrosis actually have focal hyperhidrosis in more than one specific area. It all depends on where your overactive sweat glands are located.

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        Wallace Trent on #1005

        Similar to Twinkle, I have a combination of palmar hyperhidrosis and plantar hyperhidrosis. Also, my armpits stay perfectly dry only when I use over the counter antiperspirants, so maybe my armpits also sweat too much. I agree that it's not so rare to have overactive sweat glands in more than one spot.

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