How does Allergan Botox work?

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        Olivia Thoma on #16150

        Allergan Botox acts by temporarily paralyzing the muscles. Therefore, people with such muscles or nerve problems benefit from it.
        Let's take a little closer look at how it works. Allergan Botox is inherited from neurotoxins. To stimulate muscle contractions, they function by targeting the nervous system and disrupting the processes of nerve signaling. This leads to muscles becoming temporarily paralyzed.
        Muscles start to contract & release acetylcholine, a chemical messenger, at the meeting point of nerve endings and muscle cells. The receptors present on the muscle cells are attached to acetylcholine and let them contract & shorten.
        When Botox is administered, it prevents the release of acetylcholine, and thus avoids muscle contraction. This leaves the muscles less rigid.

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        Jane Oleia on #17645

        Does this have to do with Botox for hyperhidrosis?

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        Olivia Thoma on #18647

        Not necessarily but I am just asking.

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