How much did miraDry reduce your sweating?

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      Elena V. on #2128

      I found an interesting article from 2012, introducing miraDry and noting that this hyperhidrosis treatment typically reduces sweating by 82% and that its effects last at least a year.

      Since it's been a few years now since miraDry was introduced, doubtlessly more and more hyperhidrosis patients have tried it out. I was thus curious to see if the sweating really was reduced by about 80 percent, or maybe less, or maybe even more…

      What would you say, how much did miraDry reduce your excessive sweating? Do you still feel like you have any excessive sweat – or do you feel perfectly dry at last?

    • Dennise on #3528

      Hello Elena,

      Today is my second day after my treatment using miraDry. I was able to sleep well, however when I woke up I was in a lot of pain. I discovered I burnt myself from the ice packs I used at night 🙁

      I read somewhere that inflammation usually peaks between 24-48 hours after treatment. It feels weird to have so much inflammation in the underarm region, I cannot wait for it to gradually reduce. Also, I tried to shave and had to be very careful because the area is numb and I didnt want to press too hard and cut myself. No sweat, no noticeable odor.

      Be careful with the ice, it can really burn. I know everyone should know about this, I know ! But if you don't pay attention, you will be burnt.


    • Rona Shee on #3622

      I had daily heavy underarm sweating until I found out and tried miradry. I can now go with just a small amount of deodorant on workdays, and even just a little or none on the weekend. No more daily wet underarms and shirts. I had one treatment, at the highest setting, and the results were immediate. So far, I don't see a reason to need a second treatment in 3 months.

    • Kevin Kent on #3662

      I am suffering from both sweating and odor problems. I had my first treatment of MiraDry this morning, now is about 10:30 pm and my armpits are very swollen, mild bruising. This afternoon I felt some pressure in my ribs, but nothing too extreme. The procedure went well; level 5 was applied since the aestheticism mentioned it is the new protocol. She also mentioned hair loss is usually a side effect from the treatment and said if I want to I can go to her office and get 3 treatments for free for laser hair removal, I thought that was really nice. I am hoping this treatment works for me, I've read how Miradry has changed many people's lives but I have also read how it didn't work for some people.

    • Joshua on #3711

      Hi! I am Joshua and I undergo treatment of MiraDry last year and I know that after receiving the first or second treatment the sweating will not completely go away. The treatment eliminates around 80% of the sweat glands. However, after my second treatment in November 2015, there are times when I have sweat breakouts like I had prior to any MiraDry treatments. I am aware that no procedure is 100% successful. But if I should go on a 3rd treatment is another question in my head. Maybe I should try another options like Botox injection and suction curettage.Thanks!

    • Leny Call on #4070

      Hello everyone,

      I badly need your help. My first treatment reduced about 80% but after my second treatment, there are times when I have sweat breakouts like I had prior to any MiraDry treatments, sometimes even worst. I don't understand why this is happening? Anyone can help me get through this? I have been hearing a lot of positive responses about this procedure but it seems to be not working on me? Anyone experienced the same? I envy those who are completely cured with MiraDry, mine doesn't seem to work. Do you think I might consider a 3rd session, or will I just switch to other treatment such as Iontophoresis?



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        Trang Q T Nguyen on #4192

        Hi Leny,

        I just had the 1st treatment done 9 days ago and I'm still sweating badly:(. I would say it's a only 10-20% improvement. I'm really sad and disappointed that the procedure did not work well for me as they do other patients based on their feedback. I'm not so sure if I should get the 2nd treatment or not. It's pricey and also extremely painful for me during the procedure.

        Let me know if you get any advice from the dermatologist on your case?

        I did try iontophoresis and it didn't work for me too. :((

        I look forward to your response.

      • Dan on #5564

        Same here, Had 2 treatments, no sweat at all for 1 year, now I am starting to get breakouts again like before I had it… Bummed!

      • jamie on #7513

        I am experiencing the same thing, I did my 1st mirady treatment a month ago and didn't work for me. I am sweating out of no where more than before, I am sitting at work and its literally cold at my job and I am sweating my odor is still there as well. I feel I spend $1700 for nothing.

    • Arnold on #4367

      Many people suffers from hyperhidrosis, in which the sweating is considered excessive by medical standards. It's just so sad that even powerful prescription antiperspirants don't always keep people dry. However, the condition is commonly treated by Botox injections but the effect is temporary and typically must be repeated twice a year.

      MiraDry involves hourlong sessions of microwave energy applied to the armpits in a doctor's office. Local anesthetic is used to numb the armpit so the full heat of the microwaves aren't felt, doctors say. After two or three sessions, the effect has been shown to last at least a year. It costs about $3,000 for two sessions, which aren't covered by insurance, the company says. Botox can cost some $1,000 a session and is covered by many insurers.

      MiraDry is appealing because it lasts long term but may have a milder effect than Botox, giving some relief to patients but leaving them still sweating more than they'd like.

    • Stella on #4558

      I just had my first miraDry treatment three weeks ago. The device was set to level 2. I had 55 lidocaine shots in each underarm. The treatment were fairly uncomfortable but manageable. I would say that underarm sweat has drastically been reduced.

      The procedure itself was painless EXCEPT one instance which was extremely painful and alarming. I'm convinced it damaged the Ulnar nerve in my right arm. I have a constant numb tingling soreness on the underside of my forearm from my elbow to my wrist. This has not improved at all since two days after the treatment. But my left arm is fine…

      Very little information is available online as this is such a new procedure. I've read the official FDA documentation on clinical trials, and the side effects on subjects was vague and follow ups were minimal.

    • Kean on #5439

      It has been a little over two months since my second Miradry session and the results are good. I've seen progress since the first session, but I'm definitely in the small percentage of patients with true hyperhidrosis who need a third treatment. Now the sweating has settled and I only sweat a little from the center of my underarms. I'm still not satisfied with overall results though. I still sweat a good portion from the edge areas and folds that only went through one treatment or were not reached at all, so I still get armpit sweat marks on my tops.

    • Phet on #5633

      Miradry works but the effect after the treatment really sucks! It was painful combined with numbness. My first treatment reduced my sweating for about 70% and I really had a second thought on whether to undergo for a second treatment. But I did. And it really works. You just need to cope up with the side effect thereafter.

    • Euard on #5763

      I had MiraDry procedure eight days ago and it was easier than expected. The doctor did pre-numbing of the area which was done with only tiny needles. It did not hurt very much. After that she used much larger needles to put about 4 large syringes of lidocaine and epinephrine solution under my skin. It was not exactly pleasant, but not very painful either. I am a week out now and only have minimal swelling. So far I have no sweating since I had the procedure. I know it can come back after about a month and will require a second treatment.

    • mayce on #6883

      Recently finished my first year in college and has been dealing with really bad stress which has also caused my hair to fall out; I’d be here all day if I explained but the symptoms are unbelievable. My lectures used to be on the 5th floor and every day I had to walk up and down the stairs for my breaks etc and it used to drive me mad, being all hot and sweaty in front of hundreds of teenagers was an awful feeling. I don’t have much time to find something effective treatment, no Botox no surgery and no strange sweat pads. For now I was thinking to undergo a miradry treatment. I need some suggestions. THANKS.

    • Raffy on #7244

      It does reduce my sweating for about 95% I would say. It really works but you really need to have your budget as it is quite expensive. I had two sessions. After 2 to 3 weeks, though, some sweating returned. But the doctor says it is normal, and I need third treatment. I am thinking twice, miraDry is just one of numerous treatment options for excessive sweating, there are lots of other options if you are on a tight budget.

    • Natasha on #7769

      I tried Miradry and I was too sore and sensitive initially to notice a change, but about three weeks after the treatment I subjected myself to the ultimate sweat test—a trip to Miami, the humidity capital of the world. I would say that my sweating reduced, but not totally removed. I still sweat on super-hot days like everyone else — but reduced. As a reformed chronic sweater, I now face a future without underarm botox, sweat pads and constant wet, stinky pits. For the treatment area, it was just small. I had some bruising and felt a little woozy. I just applied ice on it for three days and took regular doses of ibuprofen.

    • Brando on #8237

      I had the Miradry treatment approx three weeks ago. Cost $1900 In Honolulu. My underarms were swollen, had a pretty gnarly bruise under my right arm/chest area. After treatment I was sweat free for a few days. I was so excited I threw away all my antiperspirant. Unfortunately, I noticed I started sweating again at about 1 week and now at 3 weeks I am pretty bummed that it didn’t seem to work for me. More $$ for a second treatment is not really an option for me right now. I am going to ask my dr for a prescription antiperspirant at my next visit.

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