How to deal with rude people

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        jessie on #1104

        I'm sure we all occasionally find ourselves in a really bad situation of meeting someone who is openly, blatantly rude. You probably know what I'm talking about – a snide remark that mocks your sweaty palms, or a wet brow, or stains on your clothes from underarm sweat, or body odor…
        As if we're not having a bad time anyway! 🙁
        Well, it can't be helped, some people are just plain rude…

        What I'm interested in is: how do you react? How should we deal with such remarks? Ignore them? Run away? Put up a fight? Make an equally rude retort?

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        Melanie on #1106

        I raise an eyebrow arrogantly, give them “the look” and otherwise pretend like I haven't heard what they said. It boils down to ignoring them… It is better than descending down to their level. Also, I like adding a grain of arrogance to my bearing at that moment, just to prove to them that their lack of manners cannot hurt me!
        They act like they never get sweaty armpits at the very least… sheesh.

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        Brittany Davidson on #1111

        Sweetie, just tell them off – they should mind their own business! I don't advocate fighting or mutual insults, but if they are throwing nasty remarks to you, you're not obliged to play miss proper either! 😉
        Just tell them to steer cleer of you – after all, if they find your excessive sweating repulsive, they should be more than happy to do so! Then keep your head up and forget about them as soon as they're out of sight. 😉
        Really, some people.. Excess sweating is not a choice – if we knew how to not sweat, we'd all be dry all the time!

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        Ramona on #1157

        This is why strangers make me nervous. I just tend to avoid people I don't know, especially if I'm sweating profusely and drawing additional attention to myself. All of us sweating too much should stick together! As for the topic question… I deal with rude people by avoiding them. Even if I don't know how to prevent sweating, I know how to prevent unwanted social interactions. XD

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        jessie on #1172

        Hahaha, I love this:
        :mrgreen: 😆
        The solution

        As posted here by our webmaster.

        Maybe I will print it out and keep in on my fridge as an everyday reminder. 😀
        And luckily in my experience people I care about have mostly been understanding and kind once they would learn about my problem. Others… ah, it depends on a person. On the other hand, I don't feel like explaining my excessive sweating causes to everyone I meet, so I can't really know how they would react if they knew that I have overactive sweat glands…

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