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        marra on #9727

        HI PLEASE HELP….!!!

        Hi, im a 35 yr old male. I suffer from EXCESSIVE sweating which smells.
        Mostly i smell damp, i'm instantly wet most days as soon as comeout the shower.
        I've heard i smell like wet dog and feces. yep. my life is ruined.
        as soon as i drop one bit of sweat, my day is over, which is pretty much straight away.
        this has been going on since puberty and i can remember more or less every laugh or snigger thats ever hit me – i'm not psycotic. I suppose the mental side of things can stretch only so far. I've tried and tried. i've been to my GP and also seen a dermatologist. They diagognosed me with hypersydrosis, thing is, after an hour or 3 max, i'm done, so any where i go is extremely limited.. I'm sick to death of this horrible curse i really am. I've been presciribed the androhol aluminuim roll on. but burns my skin. and i sweat mostly from my back and groin (head of a night time)

        I need help. this is beyond a joke,. the doctors in UK arent exactly the best. and i'm just about out of ideas. the last few months for instance, i've hired a sunbed to maybe fry out whats underneath. my sweat seems to be like acid.

        i've gymed it my whole life. shower before i go and then after (right? fs)
        i'm highly embarressed, its become so much i'm paranoid alond with the rest of my mental health.

        I've tried everything i know. im a smart lad, and nothing NOTHING works!!

        please help me :'(

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        Marvic on #9810


        For better understanding, bromhidrosis is a common phenomenon in post-pubertal individuals. It is a chronic condition in which excessive odor, usually an unpleasant one, emanates from the skin. Simply put, it is a foul-smelling body odor related to your sweat. But you do not have to worry because this condition is treatable. Medical treatments can include hygiene and topical antibacterial agents, drying agents, lasers, and botulinum toxin. Try asking the pharmacy for over the counter topical agents. If it did not address the problem, you may want to consult a dermatologist. Presently, laser interference and surgery are the most commonly used treatments for bromhidrosis.



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