hyperhidrosis prevents me from living

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        Loic on #7879

        Hello everyone,

        I introduce myself my name is Loic, I’m 25 years old and I am French guys.

        I have been sweating a lot since forever and that as temperatures exceed 15 degrees.

        I sweat hands, feet, buttocks, crotch, back and face. oddly if I have to compare to the rest, I do not sweat a lot of armpits.

        For research this can be useful :
        – I am color-blind
        – I have a baldness start
        – Being young, I had problems with my tonsils (I had to work to get them removed, but it's better). I have seen in studies that large tonsils can be a sign of hyperhidrosis.
        – I have a fragile intestinal transit
        but also, I feel I always have a warm body (my wife often tells me)
        – In winter I often have blue hands, it's better with age (blood circulation problem).
        – Unfortunately after 30 minutes playing football I have calf cramps, certainly lack of minerals, even if I drink a lot (I sweat legs too).
        – I am asthmatic, allergic to pollen and mites

        At home, hyperhidrosis is certainly genetic, because it comes from my great maternal father, my mother. Then my brothers and sister and my 2 year old son are already sweating a lot. Small precision my great maternal father is also color-blind (my brothers too), this may be related …

        For me it's very difficult because the sweat enormously of the buttocks prevents me from getting dressed as I wish, no costmues, I put jeans or jeans shorts because it is the only matter with which we hardly see.

        It prevents me from doing the job I want, it's impossible for me to work in contact with other people

        Doctors in France do not take this seriously and it's difficult.

        The only solution for me is the drugs but there are too many negative effects.

        I am interested in treatment with genetic modification

        I am waiting for your opinion

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        darren on #8044

        I have Compensatory Hyperhidrosis after having ETS approx 20 years ago.

        Recently I developed neualgia (not related – apparently I'm just getting old and it happens) and I was prescribed Pregabalin (or Lyrica I think it can be called).

        The Neualgia is under control and since I've started taking the drug my hyperdirosis has MASSIVELY reduced.

        I do not know why but talking to my doctor he says it may be because the drug effects the nervous system…. and this presumably effects the Hyperhidrosis.

        Message – go to the doctors complaining of Neualgia and get the drugs to see if they help you…… or just straight ask to see if you can get them.

        For me – This is year has been the first summer in my adult life where I've not massively sweated through my clothes. IN fact it's been fairly under control. I'm 46. Hence (potentially) life changing.

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        johnny on #8250

        Hi Loic,

        You do not have to say that it prevents you from living. There are many ways to prevent excessive sweating. It's just a matter of trial and error but I am sure you will eventually find the best treatment you were looking for. Take time to read some topics here on this network and you will surely learn a lot.

        Taking meds may have lots of negative effects but the doctors may know if it is worth the risk.

        Johnny Best

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