I built my own iontrophoresis machine and have some questions.

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        Andy Cohen on #2200

        I'm sick of my sweaty palms. I feel like they have held me back in life. Yesterday I started math tutoring before calculus I and was soaking the paper to the point where I couldn't write on it and had to use a barrier of three pieces of paper. Every time i write this happens. Shaking hands…I'm sure you are all familiar with the struggles.

        Anyway, I built a machine from a video I saw on Youtube. Last night I treated myself for 15 minutes and this morning I treated myself for 15 minutes. I used the same distilled water with a little salt. Today, when I poured the water back into my gallon jug, it was YELLOW! Why is this?

        Have any of you built a machine? How were the results? Why is my water turning yellow?

        Thank you.

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        m nadler on #2205

        I tried this method a long while ago, and it seemed to work for me, though it was winter time.
        I eventually stopped it mainly because of lack of time, and the tingling feeling of it.
        the yellow color of the water is most probably the result of the electricity passing through the water.

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        Toby on #2206

        I think the yellow water after iontophoresis is the result of some chemical and electrical reaction in the water… It could be the consequence of diffusion of metal in salty water. I have no idea if this could cause any harm to sweaty hands – somehow I don't think so.

        First thing that comes to mind: to stop water from getting yellow, you might change the tubs you're using for iontophoresis. Maybe a different pair of tubs, made from a different type of metal, will be less prone to react with salt water. Secondly, try doing iontophoresis for sweaty hands without salt in the water – or vary the amount, gradually lowering the amount of salt used, and see how it affects the yellow water color and the results (dry hands vs. sweaty hands)… Or try adding baking soda instead.

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