Improvements, anyone? :)

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        jessie on #2065

        My excessive sweat is not so bad recently! I guess my glands got shy, heh. 😀

        I tried combining a lot of milder treatments, from special nutrients to antiperspirants, and I am not sure what worked actually, but I feel better! It is possible that this is not due to a particular hyperhidrosis treatment, but is instead simply the case because I feel a little better, a little less anxious lately. 🙂

        I know that this good mood won't last, so I wanted to document it in a way. 😉 I also thought we could use a forum thread where we can share our good experiences: any improvement in our quests to get rid of excessive sweat, or any good changes we might notice in our hyperhidrosis.

        I hope this lucky spell will last at least for a couple of weeks… Life feels so much better when I sweat less. No constantly sweaty hands, no constantly sweaty feet… Awesome! 🙂

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        Brad on #2188

        Hi Jessie, read my story of achieving sweat free life at my website. Not selling anything, just treasure of info.

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        Brad on #2189

        Sorry, here's the

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        Elena V. on #2193

        HI Brad, thanks for sharing your hyperhidrosis story. 🙂 I like your website – plenty of useful information on hyperhidrosis treatment options, especially the natural and alternative remedies. I love those. 🙂 I still haven't read through your entire site, but I will as soon as I catch more time.

        Also, I'm glad to see you found success with iontophoresis for hyperhidrosis – that's a popular hyperhidrosis treatment in this community as well – I think iontophoresis is probably our most popular forum… And I agree with you that ETS surgery is not the best solution out there – it's probably the worst.

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