Iontoderma ID 1000

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      Annabelle on #5213

      I was on the verge of of purchasing the above machine and then noticed on the Forum that it has been banned from the US and Canada. I am now a bit worried. Can anybody reassure me that have used the machine without any problems

    • Smithster on #5455

      Yes, I purchased one in April, live in the USA and have had no issues at all. In fact support has been great and the devise works as intended. Just dont plug or unplug the power while using or you get a little shock, but not a bad one. When I first received, it took about 10 treatments to reach a good level of no sweating and for me, I need to do it every 3rd day now, maybe every other day if really hot weather. I also use Robinul in conjunction and almost dry…

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