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        Travis Blake on #22071

        Hello…I am thinking about using iontophoresis treatment. What do you think about that? They recommend me the Dermadry device. Any feedback?

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        Chris Clonts on #24830

        Dermadry is a home-use tap water Iontophoresis machine. Most Doctors recommend it. Many people who tried using Dermadry have nothing but only positive feedbacks too.
        I was also hesitant to try this before because It's quite expensive. I fear I will end up regretting buying it. But after trying every less expensive possible solution to treat my hyperhidrosis problem and yet nothing helped, I finally decided to try Dermadry.
        After about a week of using it, I already started to see results.
        I can say that it is worth your money and your time doing the treatment. I have never felt relieved and happy my entire life.

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