Iontophoresis current too low

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        Jeremy on #13120

        Hi everyone,
        I hope someone can help me with an issue I'm having using iontophoresis on my feet.

        I recently purchased a second hand Kimetec Iontex III machine which seems to be working properly but I can’t get the current above about 10mA. The reading doesn’t increase when turning the knob above about 5 (out of 10). And I don’t get the tingling feeling in my feet.
        I have checked with a voltmeter and the voltage increases with the knob position up to 10 (increased I think to about 36 Volts), so it seems the issue is with me, rather than the machine.

        I tested it with my hands and they were giving the same issue. I have a cut on one of my knuckles and wondered what would happen if I submerged that. Big mistake! ZAPPP! I felt that one! And at the same time I noticed the reading on the machine jumped quite high, certainly above 10mA.

        So it seems to me that the resistance of my skin is just too high. Do some people have this issue? And is there anything I should try to reduce the resistance of the skin in my feet? I have searched the web but can’t find much on the subject.

        I hope you can shed some light on this.

        Many thanks,


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        Charlie on #14242

        I have suffered from Hyperhidrosis for years so I also brought this machine. It really works well for me and by putting my hands in the container with warm water so my hands are covered for 15-20 minutes. It felt a lot better when they come out. It worked for me but please note it doesn't work for everyone. But for someone who suffered embarrassing moments when shaking hands I was so grateful for this machine. The machine comes with all the original equipment and manual of how to use it. I am not sure of the answer to your question but I suggest you review the manual.

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