Iontophoresis Device Maintenance

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        Elena V. on #1357

        A couple of tips on how to keep your iontophoresis device free from rust and other nasty marks of wear and tear. 😉 Ran into this on another site and it seemed like a good idea to share it even if I'm not an iontophoresis expert myself.

        – When you're done with the treatment, toss the water from the tubs and gently dry the tubs and the rest of the equipment (cables and electrodes) with a soft cloth.
        – Buy a common disinfectant and clean the set with it occasionally.
        – You can use a soft cloth and alcohol to remove patina from the electrodes.
        – You can also submerge aluminum electrodes in vinegar cleaner and leave them for a few hours to remove calcium carbonate
        – Use a stainless steel cleaner for stainless steel electrodes.

        And then again, sometimes nothing will help and you will have to buy spare parts. Still, it's best (and cheapest) to take good care of your iontophoresis device from the start. 😉

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        Casper on #1410

        Full agreement on everything Elena wrote. You can never care too well about your iontophoresis machine – after all, these machines costly and you will have no one to blame if one breaks down or becomes ineffective due to lack of care and maintenance…

        For me the cleaning is just a part of a routine – the other half of the whole treatment package, if you wish.

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        Wallace Trent on #1367

        Very good stuff, thanks for sharing. Most of this I already know, though frankly I have never cleaned electrodes that thoroughly. Ah, it's never too late to start..!

        Also, from these listed points it is clear why stainless steel electrodes have a reputation that they are much easier to clean. 😆 I will make sure to keep that in mind when buying a new iontophoresis device.

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