Iontophoresis for Axillary Hyperhidrosis

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        Tim Fleiss on #1286

        I am looking for an advice. Did anyone here use iontophoresis to treat axillary hyperhidrosis? From what I read, iontophoresis is not typically used on sweaty armpits… BUT, since many high quality iontophoresis devices today have special sponges for armpits, technically it can be done. My question is – how well does if work? Does it stop excessive sweating effectively enough? Did anyone do this?

        I am thinking I should try iontophoresis instead of getting myself injected with Botox again. (In comparison, Iontophoresis seems like a less aggressive treatment.) Still, I would love to get my money's worth.

        Looking forward to getting some first-hand info on this! Thanks!

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        Sean M. on #1308

        I have tried this about 2 years ago with a borrowed iontophoresis machine (I think it was Hidrex?) and my treatments were semi-successful. Though, I am probably not the best example since I only used iontophoresis to treat armpits for about 2 months, which might be too short.

        Anyway, I wanted to say that to me, the biggest issue with this was setting up the sponges to perfectly adhere to my underarms. After the treatment, I would have partially dry armpits – depending on how well the sponges were adjusted, I guess. 😕

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        Leb on #1320

        No first-hand experience on my part, but I can tell you to look around the website and you'll see that Drionic has a special device for treating axillary hyperhidrosis. From the photos, their armpit applicators look practical and easy to hold in place. If that's the case, maybe the treatments are effective?

        Well, that's my two cents on this. 🙂

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        Steve on #1440

        I am thinking of doing iontophoresis for armpits, but I first need to decide which device to use. Probably Drionic, Idrostar or Hidrex, from the looks of it. The best choice, I'd say, is a device that has an option to use a really mild pulsed current. I am going to do some more research on specifics of pulsed current for each of potentially useful devices. 😉

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