Is Iontophoresis the best solution for sweaty hands?

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        Reese79 on #1915

        I have sweaty hands as a consequence of anxiety disorder. Only recently I heard that iontophoresis for hyperhidrosis is actually a good way to treat this problem of mine, even if it is caused by anxiety. I would really appreciate some answers about this.

        Me being new at this, can you tell me if iontophoresis for sweaty hands is the way to go? Or is there some other hyperhidrosis treatment I should consider first? Should I just get some anxiety medications and hope they will stop the excessive sweat?

        And most importantly: does iontophoresis work regardless of what causes my sweaty hands?

        Thank you kindly.

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        Wallace Trent on #1930

        Hey Reese,
        First of all, I don't think it's possible to say that iontophoresis for sweaty hands is the single best way to treat excessive sweat on your palms. There is no general rule, no simple way to say that everyone's hyperhidrosis should be treated like this or like that. However, for many people, iontophoresis works great when used on sweaty hands.

        Now, as far as I know, iontophoresis for hyperhidrosis works just the same whether your excessive sweat is triggered by anxiety or genetics or something entirely different. So, yes, you can use iontophoresis for sweaty hands even if they are caused by anxiety.

        As for your question on anxiety medications – I really don't know. You should probably seek real medical help, and have a physician determine if medications would be the most efficient way to treat your anxiety and/or hyperhidrosis.

        I hope this helped! (And please keep in mind that I'm not an expert.)

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        Jack Millet on #3980

        hello Reese,

        after years of suffering the emotional and social effects of palmar and plantar HH and of trying just about every solution except Botox and ETS , I read about Iontophoresis and that it was actually painless, easy to do in my own home , I would not have to find a clinic that administers the therapy ,I decided to oder a machine from Germany .To make a long story short ,after a couple of attempts to get the settings right for me , my hands got dry . The feet took a bit longer but they too are now dry . I keep them dry with maintenance treatments . I could kick myself for not having tried Iontophoresis years ago when I was feeling so isolated and panicked when I had to meet new people and shake their hands …I am not a doctor ,but it seems to me that it would work no matter what the cause of your HH is .
        good luck ,

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        Renz on #4106

        When the right device is use correctly, iontophoresis has surely have an impressive success rate for people who suffer from excessive sweating in palm and in feet.

        A medical device is used to perform iontophoresis in a doctor's office and/or at home. The device utilizes pans of water to conduct a mild electrical current through the skin's surface. It's not totally understood how or why iontophoresis works, but it's assumed that the electric current and mineral particles in the water work together to microscopically thicken the outer layer of the skin, which blocks the flow of sweat to the skin's surface. Once this sweat output is blocked or interrupted, sweat production on the palms and soles is, often suddenly and dramatically, “turned off”.

        While most people find that antiperspirants, iontophoresis, Botox injections, or a custom combination are enough to manage excessive sweating, there are those who seek a more absolute course of action. If less invasive treatments have proven to be insufficient, endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) may be considered as a last resort. ETS has extensive risks associated with it, particularly a side effect called compensatory sweating (irreversible excessive sweating on large areas of the body) and should only be used in extreme cases after a thorough trial of all other options.

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        Wesley on #4374

        Iontophoresis therapy is the most controversial of all the methods to stop sweating (other than surgery). Many people use them religiously and swear by them.

        Some users have reported immediate sweat reduction and positive results. Others said that they used it for days or weeks and nothing happened.

        Still others said that nothing happened for them at first, but then it did stop sweating.

        Sufferers of excessive underarm perspiration and hyperhidrosis use this therapy in 7 individual sessions spaced over the course of a month. Each session should consist of 10-15 minutes of current, followed by an additional 10-15 minutes of current reversal.

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        NINA ARKUS on #4385

        im more than sure that iontophoresis device is the best solution and i even know which one! please contact me for more info

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        yennifer on #4469

        I would say Yes! And I recommend Drionics. Though some people reported that it really hurts. But I suppose it depends on your pain tolerance, and everybody’s different. Most drionics machines allow you to adjust the voltage. So you may use a low-voltage current. Studies suggest that low voltage used over long periods of time is more effective than high-voltage used over short periods of time (from wikipedia 😀 )

        Each session should consist of 10-15 minutes of current, followed by an additional 10-15 minutes of current reversal. Drionics is NOT a permanent cure to stop sweating. “Maintenance” treatments may be required when the sweating resumes. Each maintenance session of drionics is supposed to stop sweating for six weeks. Every six weeks, you do another session.

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        Muataz Al-Moadhen on #5794


        I bought an iontrophesis machine and been using it for 15 sessions so far but my sweat is still same. I don’t know why it is not working for me. I don’t know how other people reported that it is an effective way of treating Hydro. Problems


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