Is your family supportive?

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        Mary-Jane Thompson on #1435

        When I was younger, I never had the feeling that my family is really supportive of my diagnosis. It makes sense perhaps, because over a decade ago, hyperhidrosis definitely wasn't something random people knew about. Even now, people tell me they didn't even know a thing like that exists! But I digress.

        I wanted to say that, as much as I can understand that my family didn't find my problem very serious, I am still sad they weren't more supportive. Even now they don't think that my sweating is a big deal… They just ignore it, and I would really like a friendly shoulder now or then. I started thinking that maybe my current insecurities and recurring depressed thoughts wouldn't be as bad if I had more support when I was younger.

        If you don't mind talking about it, please share your experiences. Thanks.

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        jessie on #1469

        The more I talk to them about it, the more supportive they are. They weren't at first, something that made me sad and only fed my anxiety, but now it is slowly getting better. My dad still has suspicions that it's “all in my head”, and that somehow I should just decide to stop sweating and things will get better lol. My mom explored some hyperhidrosis facts and is more inclined to admit that I need professional help.

        They are also helping me by giving me money for clinical antiperspirants and my mom has said they will give me half of the money for an iontophoresis machine if I save up the other half. So, it is definitely getting better. I would say they are supportive enough.

        But Mary Jane, I am sorry to hear that about your family… 🙁

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