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      JennyDale on #1350

      Well hello, I wanted to brag a little. :)))
      …and maybe also share a useful piece of information.

      If you read some of my older posts, you'll know I have head sweating / facial sweating which can really get out of control. A month ago I ordered Maxim Sensitive Wipes and this really helped. I am applying them on my face daily (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, avoiding the areas around my eyes and mouth.)

      Now, it took some getting used to and felt uncomfortable at first, but the wipes help my keep head sweating under control and I can even use make-up more freely. Luckily, I also have some naturally dry days so I don't need to use Maxim wipes all the time.

      I am writing this because I felt like facepalming earlier today when I read some scathing reviews of Maxim wipes on Amazon. Apparently, people have been ordering regular wipes (meant to use on armpits) and have been applying them on face & neck. 🙄
      Ahem, Maxim SENSITIVE wipes are the ones to use if you need to regulate facial excessive sweating… ❗


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      Twinkle on #1437

      This is very useful. Thank you. 😉
      I don't typically feel like using face wipes – and I don't really need them, but recently I started running in the mornings. (Well to be fair, it's really slow jogging…) So, my facial sweating got worse, and since I don't like wearing a headband, I will buy Maxim wipes and hopefully they will reduce my head sweating. 🙂


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      Steve on #2177

      Jenny, do you think I could use Maxim Sensitive wipes for non-facial sweating? Or would it be better if I dealt with excessive sweat on non-sensitive skin with regular Maxim Wipes? If you used other types of wipes from this brand, please let me know. Because, as you just illustrated, it can be tricky to listen to random reviews online, or even Amazon.

      I thought of maybe ordering Maxim Towelette

      I would like to have something I can carry around with me and use in emergency situations, but I wouldn't use it as the sole hyperhidrosis treatment. What do you think? Or should I always use Sensitive Wipes?


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      Leons on #2185

      Jenny, are you sure you're okay with applying Maxim Sensitive on your face? Here it says that they should not be applied on the face – and it especially warns against using the wipes on the eye area. To me, this doesn't look like the safest way to prevent excessive sweat on the face.

      Facial hyperhidrosis requires a lot of care and you have to be super picky about every hyperhidrosis treatment you want to test on it – personally, I would rather have a sweaty face than a face full of rash or something. I wouldn't even dare using iontophoresis on the face (though such things apparently can be done.)


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      JennyDale on #2186

      Yes I am okay with it.

      And what's you point? What DO you suggest? Being cautious is fine, but I don't think you'd be thinking the same way if you were suffering from intense head sweating hyperhidrosis, as I do. I have to take some risks – because frankly, head hyperhidrosis pushes me to my limits sometimes, and I don't have much choice but to try and fight it anyway I can. Maxim Sensitive Wipes maybe aren't textbook recommended hyperhidrosis treatment for face, but for me, they do the trick. And yes I am being extremely careful not to let the antiperspirant solution touch my eyes, or the area around the eyes.

      Steve, I think you should stick to Sensitive Wipes regardless of the treated body area. To me, they are superior to other Maxim Wipes. But of course, you can also use regular Maxim Sensitive antiperspirant on more accessible body areas – that should probably be the cheaper option.


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      Leons on #2194

      Look, I don't suggest anything, really. I just thought it would be helpful if I pointed out some potential drawbacks to using Maxim Wipes on your face. But hey, if this works for you, and has worked for you for some time now, then clearly you know better. However, I do think you should be careful about recommending these wipes as a facial hyperhidrosis treatment to other people, because maybe not everyone will have the same reaction to Maxim Wipes as you did. Though, upon more research I did find that other people use these sensitive facial wipes for head sweating, so clearly they CAN be used to prevent excessive sweat on the face! 🙂


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      Tim Fleiss on #2197

      Why Maxim?

      On the over the counter antiperspirants guide, it seems to be one of the weakest ones. Is this the reason why it is good to use Maxim for treating facial hyperhidrosis? Because it is not too strong?

      But then again, if your excessive sweat is, well, too excessive, won't you be needing the strongest antiperspirant out there? Or is your top priority protecting the skin on the face?
      I do not normally have issues with excessive sweat on my face, but this summer for some reason my face occasionally sweats profusely… Should I try Maxim Wipes or should I start from something else? It would also be great if these wipes can be used to treat sweaty hands as well…


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      Martha Andriekus on #4109

      Jenny Dale, thank you so much for your post. I am definitely going to try them. Anyone who questions the use of this product really does not know how craniofacial hyperhydrosis can actually ruin your life. I first became aware of my problem in 1998 when my daughter asked me, “mom, why is your face so red”? Since then it has progressed every year incorporating a larger area, scalp, face, neck, shoulders and arms, back and chest, plus the intensity has increased so just going up the stairs at home results in sweat dripping off my face, I go grocery shopping and it drips on the floor, by the time I get to the checkout I am bright red, dripping sweat and so exhausted I can barely put the groceries on the belt. I have started to get nauseous and light headed, it is no help that my blood pressure is 110/60 normally and is often not able to be read. I am in Michigan and have not worn a winter coat in 3 years.
      I have reached the point where I don't do anything or go anywhere. Being very frank, when I am in the midst of these events I wish I was dead and have considered life as intolerable. I have considered surgery but I always seem to be the one who if it can't happen it will happen to me. I recently had surgery on a thumb joint which had been horribly botched by an unqualified self proclaimed hand surgeon whom I had gone to on the advice of my primary physician so I slipped on doing my usual investigating on him. On the first post-op visit the surgeon who rescued my thumb, who had been doing hands for decades, had something happen in my hand that had never happened to him in his career, the pin he had placed had popped out of position and was just moving around doing nothing. He removed it at that visit. I have had physicians in the pain center, who know nerves better than any other type of physician tell me, very simply and emphatically, “don't do it”.
      I can't wait to try the Maxim wipes. I am at the point where if I died it would be just fine, my life is ruined.
      Even now I keep telling myself there has to be something everyone is missing. I have an appointment with an Endocrinologist in a week just to keep searching. I have waited 3 months to see the best in the department at UofM because I am through spending my time with physicians who don't know any more than I do. I have even travelled to Missouri for an appointment with Dr. Dee Ann Glasser, the supposed top expert in the field. Everything suggested failed. So here I am miserable, sitting my life away just waiting to die.
      Thanks for your sharing of ideas. I can't wait to begin.

    • Heather Tasso on #4643

      Hi Martha, I know this thread is from last year so I'm hoping you will see this & respond. I have suffered from hyperhydrosis since grade school. I can remember sitting in school and having my armpits sweat so much that it would roll down my sides. It was extremely embarrassing & uncomfortable, my family bought me all kinds of antiperspirants to try without much success. Eventually my armpit sweating progressed to my face/hair then onto to upper & lower back, behind my knees, inside my elbows and where my hips meet my torso. I would like to know if you found success at UofM last year? If so, can you please share. I also haven't worn a winter coat in years and I'll wear sandals even when outisde weather is around 40-45 degrees and I live in Chicago. I hope you found success because I understand completely about staying home due to sweating, I too sweat just walking down my condos hallway to the laundry room.

    • kate on #6075

      There is no problem without a solution,It makes me sad to hear that there are so many young people are going through what I went through when I was a teen, let's face it,it's an embarrassing and humiliating problem. After years of being limited to colours and fabrics, I've had enough!!!! In one weeks time i tried to used the maxim wipes, Maxim antiperspirant works harder and works more efficiently than any antiperspirant on the market today, better than the most marketed “clinical strength” antiperspirants and better than prescription brands that can burn and cause irritation. Until now i still used this effective product.

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