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    • pauline on #6678

      Common miraDry side effects include underarm swelling, redness and soreness that can last several days to a few weeks. The degree of swelling can range from minor irritation to large golf-ball-sized lumps. Most of the side effects of my miraDry treatment were just temporary swelling, soreness, and redness. It was uncomfortable, but it was definitely worth having no more sweating! They went away after a couple weeks. I also continued to get occasional numbness and tingling in my arms, which still happened a few months after the procedure. I'd assume that was some sort of nerve issue with my underarm sweat glands, but it went away eventually. I have heard that there can occasionally be rarer and more unpleasant side effects though. Apparently there can be a bit of a risk for permanent nerve damage. Though rare, this could end up making it tricky to move your arm! I was worried about the potentially permanent side effects, so I did a lot of research before my miraDry treatment.

    • Steph0417 on #7645

      I underwent miraDry suffered a few side effects from the treatment. The miraDry procedure itself was practically painless, just like a bunch of little bee stings. I left the clinic feeling okay, but when I woke up the next day, I was in pain. It was probably one of the worse pains I’ve ever felt in my life. I also had crazy swelling. The pain lasts for several days. But, I will say that the treatment decreased 75 percent of my usual underarm sweating, and I don’t stink all of the time anymore. I now have the ability to wear more sheer and satiny tops when I go to work. I have also noticed that the hair under my arms doesn’t grow back as thickly as it used to.

    • Joanna on #7995

      I think miraDry treatment has a strong safety record although swelling and soreness may occur in the treatment area, but typically subsides within a few weeks. miraDry results may vary depending on the person. And on average, hyperhidrosis patients experience about 85 percent sweat reduction after two to three treatments. Some patients required a third treatment to see significant improvement. It may also take a few months to see the full effects. Although uncommon, some people have sweat glands that are too deep or shallow for the miraDry microwave energy to reach. Some people may also have “resistant” sweat glands that miraDry can't penetrate.

    • Martha on #8144

      I had the Miradry procedure last year and yes, I also experience some negative effects during my first and my last session. The procedure itself I would say was relatively painless but after the procedure, my underarms were swollen and tender for about a week. Really a discomfort I cannot go to work! I also had numbness and tingling in the treated area that lasted for about five months or so. I only had two treatments, I experience those effects in both treatments. But as for the effectiveness, I can say that it really cured my excessive sweating. It never came back until now.

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