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        Sandra on #7335

        Since I was a teen I would sweat from my hands, feet and underarms excessively but I didn't think anything of it. I didn't realize it was a problem until I became a young adult. It's bad to the point that I get depression and it stops me from living my life basically. At the age of 25 I finally confided in my mom about my problem and that's when she wanted me to get help. I learned about MiraDry and its success rate so it gave me hope. I'm very blessed because I would not have been able to get it without them. I went to my local dermatologist and they did the procedure there. They had to inject me with anesthesia in my armpits a lot of times in the whole area, and then they placed a small device on it to burn off the glands(?) and it hurt like hell in a spot that wasn't numbed enough. I was extremely happy with my results for the first couple months, and I felt great wearing colors I could never wear before. It's now my third month in and my armpits are starting to drip sweat again. I also have a huge, terrible scar right outside my armpit towards my breast that is super obvious because the doctor gave me anesthesia in the same spot several times causing it to bleed and become an open wound. I'm sure the dermatologist will recommend I get a second procedure, but if its going to wear off in 3 months again, the scars aren't going to be worth it.

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        D Hill on #7674

        Thank you for sharing your experience. I was motivated to get miraDry to reduce odor and eliminate the need to apply deodorant daily. Really, there is nothing worse when rushing out the door for work in the morning to look down and see white marks on your beautiful handpicked outfit of the day! (Sigh) But now, I have enjoyed not having to worry about this at all. I immediately noticed the reduction of odor from my underarms.

        The treatment was easy. The local numbing that is done to make you comfortable during the procedure is just like tiny mosquito bites, when you feel anything at all, most of the injections were not felt. I have a needle phobia so I was most nervous about this part. The actual miraDry treatment was painless.

        My recovery also went good! I put an ice on the area for the rest of the afternoon and the next day. I took ibuprofen as recommended just for 1 day.

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        red Li on #28205

        I did Miradry a month ago. The procedure itself was less than an hour long. First they will address you with lidocaine injections. It will take 30 minutes for numbing the area to be treated. There is no pain during the procedure. But you can feel little sucking sensation when the device is being used.
        I was able to go home right after the treatment. I felt the pain after the numbness wears off 8 hours after my treatment. Both my armpits were swollen and the pain feels like soreness and burning. The first night was awfully painful. I was advised to put ice pack for my armpits to relieve the swelling.
        My armpits are still swollen the following day, but the pain diminished a little.
        Four days after, there's still a little swelling but there was no more pain.
        A month after, no more swelling and no more pain, only little lumps but they don’t hurt.
        No more sweat and no more odor. I hope I can give update after six months.

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