Nail Biting and Iontophoresis

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        jessie on #1468

        Found out about a big problem I might have if I want to treat my sweating with iontophoresis. As the title says, I'm a nail biter. It helps me cope with anxiety and nervousness.. I know it's disgusting and a bad habit and all that. I have been trying to quit several times and succeeded, but recently I got hooked again and it's the worst thing ever. 😳

        So, the problem is that I read that nail biting can be a serious drawback because it damages skin around nails (which is true in my case, unfortunately) and these damaged parts hurt during iontophoresis. Can I go around it if I rub petroleum jelly all over my fingertips, or not? What do you think?

        I wish I could simply stop with the nail biting, but it's so difficult… And I would really like to try iontophoresis. :/

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