Natural ways to reduce sweating

    • Easton on #6854

      Save yourself the embarrassment and banish all worries of wet underarms quickly, easily, and naturally. Too much sodium will make your body hold the water. Some of the potassium-rich foods like potatoes and broccoli invert this process by pushing water out of the body. Because of this effect, potatoes can help reduce sweating by absorbing excess water from your skin. To experience the drying effects simply rub a potato slice across your armpits for a few minutes daily to experience the drying effects. Hope this would help.

    • Sam on #7240


      Thank you for the advice. I just want to add vinegar to your list — more specifically, apple cider vinegar. It provides an impressive list of health benefits.

      Apple cider vinegar, when applied directly to the skin, also acts as an astringent to help remove bacteria and close up pores. If you sweat excessively, drinking a vinegar concoction or applying it directly to the sweaty area each night can help reduce sweat.

      If you plan on drinking it, drink 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try adding honey for additional taste. The drying effects should kick in within a few days or so.


    • Brey on #7456

      There are tons of natural remedies to treat hyperhidrosis, these may include herbal substances such as sage tea or sage tablets, chamomile, valerian root, and St. John’s Wort. Acupuncture, biofeedback, hypnosis, and relaxation techniques have also been suggested as potential treatments. Baby powder is another excellent home remedy for sweaty hands, and it doesn’t require much effort or investment on your part. I suggest you to bringing a small bottle of baby powder with you on the go. That way, if the antiperspirant isn’t enough, you can use the powder to get rid of the sweat. There are some more extreme measures you can take when figuring out how to stop sweaty hands and palms, but using natural deodorants is one of the safest and easiest places to start.

    • Zedric on #7706

      Your diet plays an important role. It has significant impact on how much you sweat. Some foods can cause your body to produce more sweat than others so you should reduce or eliminate sweat-inducing foods in your diet. A high-sodium diet implies that your body will be detoxing all the salt in the form of excess urine and sweat. Drinking plenty of water all day long and eating foods with a high water content can keep your body cool and prevent excessive sweating. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drink lime water, fresh fruit juices and coconut water to avoid excessive sweating.

    • stacy on #7830

      Here are some ways I got to help one that is experiencing this problem and embarrassment caused by excessive sweating.

      1.Tomato Juice
      Tomato juice is known for its active ingredients. It is most commonly used for skin problems like acne. However, this fruit could also aide in reducing excessive sweating. Tomato is said to help reduce skin pores that can result in reducing chronic sweating as well as regulate one’s body temperature.

      2.Baking Soda
      Baking soda is one of the ingredients in the deodorant. What better way than to use it naturally for excessive sweating. You may use this on your underarms. Also, baking soda is known for its whitening properties.

    • greg on #7831

      Hyperhidrosis is a body problem that pertains to excessive body sweating. Excessive sweating can be an embarrassment especially when it contributes to having body odor. With this tea tree oil could be of help for one’s dilemma. The step is so simple that you only need the oil itself and a cotton pad. Simply pour some drops of tea tree oil on a cotton pad and rub it on your underarms. Tea tree oil is an antibacterial essential oil that could help eliminate bacteria that causes body odor. However, excessive use of this oil could also result to skin dryness so use it in moderation.

    • arabella on #7832

      Lemons are useful in a lot of ways. It is commonly used in a lot of home remedies. It is rich in citric acid that is know for its power in eliminating bacteria. One known use of lemons is its help in reducing excessive sweating. To use lemons, simply squeeze the juice onto a cotton pad and rub on skin. You may also add baking soda. Create a paste from mixing the lemon juice and baking soda and apply on skin like the underarms. Also be careful in using excessive juice from lemon as it may tend to dry and irritate the skin.

    • Javit on #8140

      Thank you for these advice, I personally like apple cider vinegar one as I have tried it before. It really works for my sweating and (urgh) smelly feet. I drink it with honey to taste, every morning upon waking up. I am adding lukewarm water to it. I also applied it on my feet about three times a day and after application at night I use fissan foot powder, these combination really do wonders I no longer have sweats on my feet. I always use fissan foot powder specially before putting my socks on. It keeps me dry all day.

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