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        Megan on #5558

        Hoping someone can give me some advice, my life was recently honestly changed from taking oxybutynin. My intense sweating hand feet and armpits that had caused me so much emotional pain and anxiety were finally dry. I couldn't believe how much my life improved not suffering anymore.
        However.. people have been warning me that oxybutynin greatly increases your risk of dementia. I'm only young but this is something I would take long term, probably for the rest of my life. Do I take the risk and live an easier happy life? Do any of you know more about the drug/ know anyone who has taken it for years? Would appreciate any advice, thankyou x

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        Steve on #5627

        Hi Megan

        Seen your comment about taking Oxybutynin. i’ve struggled with hyperhydrosis since my early high school years and has played a huge part on my life since then, avoiding relationships etc. I’ve been to numerous doctors and specialists, nothing has worked..

        i’ve read up on Oxybutynin and it sounds like it has worked for a lot of people, were you prescribed this through your doctor and do you have to pay for it? I live in Scotland so normally the medication is free but don’t know if this would be different as i would be requesting for it to be prescribed.


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          Patrick on #5737

          Hi ,

          You can get a subscription from your doctor, it only costs £10 for 3 months supply

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        JU on #28661

        Oxybutynin is an antimuscarinic medicine that can be used to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating); however, use for this indication is off-label. Also, dry mouth was the most common adverse event reported.

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