Potential reasons for my nocturnal hyperhidrosis?

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        Fedupwiththis! on #9537

        Hi All!

        I'm a 32 year old lady who has been suffering from extreme nocturnal hyperhidrosis since I was 25. It came on very suddenly and usually happens at least 4 – 5 times a week where I'll wake up literally dripping with sweat all over.

        I've been on an assortment of anti-depressants for most of my life so when I first started getting them when I was 25 I thought it was perhaps related to the tablets I was on… but I came off them for about 7 months and still suffered from the extreme night sweats so I don't think it's related to those.

        I've also noticed that when I have my bad night sweats I wake up literally reeking of vinegar which is very upsetting.

        My menstrual cycle is as normal as ever – every 28 days on the dot and will last for around 4 – 5 days… normal menstrual cramps, bleeding, etc – nothing out of the ordinary there so I don't think I'm perimenopausal.

        I've mentioned the night sweats to my doctor numerous times but he doesn't seem concerned about them at all. I've had blood tests for another issue and my thyroid is fine and I don't have any signs of diabetes either.

        I'm completely at a loss as to why I could be suffering from night sweats so badly and I wanted to know if it's safe to use something like “sweat block”? it won't cause me to overheat or anything will it? I just want to stop this horrible night sweat issue because it's making me feel so miserable.

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        Dr Ang on #9659


        Night sweats can happen for a number of reasons, and most of them are not really serious. But in some cases, regular episodes of night sweating could indicate a potentially serious medical condition.

        It is not always possible to determine the cause of night sweats. But there might be other symptoms you experience along with nighttime sweating. It could help you narrow down an underlying medical cause.

        One sample is anxiety and stress. Although they are both mental health issues, they often involve physical symptoms, too. Increased sweating is one common physical sign associated with these conditions.

        If your night sweats are happening because of anxiety or stress, you might also have sleep issues or unpleasant dreams, feel irritable or have other mood changes, feel weak, tired, or generally unwell to name a few.

        Do you experience any of these signs other than sweating?

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        Cloyd Ramirez on #25120


        You might want to try drinking Sage tea 3 times a day or an hour before going to bed. Sage leaves have tannic acid which constricts sweat glands and reduces perspiration.
        You may not see result yet on the first day, but you may see results after 3 days of continuous drinking.
        If you are not fond of drinking teas because of the smell and taste, you can add lemon and honey to improve the taste. If you still don't like the taste of tea, try the Sage tablets instead.

        You may also consider applying Antiperspirants before going to bed. It works too.

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        Janeth Rossi on #27935

        Some people who suffer from nocturnal hyperhidrosis or night sweats may have other underlying medical conditions that need to be addressed and treated right away.
        If the nocturnal sweating is not due to a health condition, Eating too much spicy foods and greasy foods, too much alcohol consumption, using warm blankets or heating can also lead to excessive nocturnal sweating.
        Other causes maybe due to a variety of drugs, hormonal fluctuations, mental stress or due to a viral disease. You should contact a doctor in the case of regular excessive sweating during sleep, whether the problem occurs during the day or at night.

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