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        Charlie Jefferson on #5864

        Hey. I don't know whether I suffer from hyperhidrosis or not, however my anal and perineal regions have started to sweat profusely. I did a little experiment today. I cleaned and dried the areas, then applied (a lot of) talcum powder on them and put on clean boxer briefs. I was out for one hour max and when I got home, I checked my underwear to see if they were wet or not. They were pretty darn wet in the areas I just mentioned, however I checked my skin to see if it was sweaty and it was as cool and as dry as a summer breeze. It really is confusing. I'm beginning to think it isn't sweat, but it doesn't (yeah I did smell it) smell bad. It smells just like clothes which came out of the washing machine. I'd love to hear your opinion on this as it leaves me confused.

        Also, for the mods, I couldn't find out how to register, so the post I made before this one can be deleted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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