Rubbing Alcohol and Cotton Pads Trick

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        Ramona on #1754

        I started doing something very simple (and maybe a little silly) to get rid of the awful sweat odor on my underarms.

        When I sweat, even if I use antiperspirants or deodorants, the odor can get pretty bad… In some situations, when I am not at home, I tried doing a quick wash up (with wet pads) in the bathroom or re-applying the deodorant. Unfortunately, this never removes the odor… And of course, I cannot wash myself fully, when often I cannot even take my shirt off in those situations.

        So, I started doing a simple trick that – amazingly – works perfectly. I carry around a small plastic bottle of medical alcohol disinfectant (the simplest, liquid, rubbing alcohol), and a small pack of cotton pads.

        When I feel that I sweated and the odor becomes noticeable, instead of just wiping my underarms, I apply rubbing alcohol to cotton pads and clean my underarms that way. This can sting a little (but very mildly), but is amazingly efficient in removing sweat. A big advantage is that this is a dry method (alcohol neatly evaporates), and you should be careful not to apply too much alcohol on the cotton pad – you don't want it to leak around and wet/harm your shirt…

        I hope this helps someone. I'm finding it to be very practical. 🙂 It is also useful when I have to completely remove odor from my underarms at home, but don't have the time to shower thoroughly. And after removing the odor, I just re-apply deodorant.

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        April Kim on #25118

        I am also using this trick.
        When I'm at work, my feet could get sweaty while I'm in my heels. It causes discomfort and I can't focus on my work.
        And because my feet is sweaty while I'm wearing my heels, I get smelly feet too that makes it worse.
        What I'm doing is, I pour generous amount of alcohol in a wet wipe, then clean and wipe my sweaty and smelly feet with it. Including my toes and the spaces between my toes. Leave it to dry for awhile before putting back my heels. I feel instant comfort after doing this. Been doing this for a long time now. And it's always effective for me.

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