Single forever :(

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        Mary-Jane Thompson on #1180

        My life is in pieces. I got dumped 2 months ago and it still hurts. I lost my job less than a year ago and am still unemployed. I know I really lost it because we live in bad times… But for a while, I was pretty frustrated thinking the reason was my excessive sweating. I often had to wear underarm sweat pads and some of my colleagues complained about the odor a few times… Whatever.
        Before I always worked hard to stop underarm sweating, but after I got fired I got a little depressed. I stopped iontophoresis therapy and sulked all days long. 8 months later my boyfriend had enough of it and left. 😥 It was my longest relationship ever – over 3 yrs. Took me ages to end up in that one decent relationship and now that I ruined it I feel like I will be single and alone forever. I know he didn't really dump me because of my sweating, but it feels like he did.
        How can I make myself feel better? How do you live with heavy sweating? I barely have the will to type this…

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        Twinkle on #1183

        Hi Mary-Jane, I'm sorry to hear things are bad for you at the moment. 🙁 Just hang in there and I'm sure you will get better eventually. Try to focus on yourself and not on the break-up, although I understand how two months is not a long time and this will probably still hurt for a while… But I'm sure that you will not be alone for long. 😉 *hug*
        The most important thing now is to find the strength to pull out of feeling depressed. Dealing with your excessive underarm sweating is a good start. Take up treatments again, it's a small step but something that will make you feel better about yourself. Call up some friends to meet and chat if you haven't already, and force yourself to look for the job regularly – this will also motivate you to keep your excessive armpit sweating under control.
        I'm sure you will some great tips here on how to stop armpit sweating, and who knows, maybe those armpit sweat pads will be a thing of past on your next job. 😉
        Best of luck, be courageous and optimistic! *hug*

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        Sean M. on #1194

        Hi Mary-Jane, welcome to this cozy corner of the Internet. 😉
        I have been in a similar situation before, and I agree, getting dumped can be especially difficult for us dealing with profuse sweating. No matter what your rational mind tells you, you'll always blame it on sweating too much…I get this, cause I've been there. :/
        My advice: stop with the self-pity – it's a poison that won't get you anywhere. And I'm sure that you're a fantastic person once the veil of sweating-induced misery is lifted. Let me know if you need to talk, I'm online often and would gladly try to cheer you up.

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        Mary-Jane Thompson on #1390

        Hi I'm back. Did not log in for a long while, but thanks so much for the kind words and support and friendship requests. It put a dent into my loneliness.
        Anyway I have been busy trying to find a job since I could not live off my meager savings forever. Had some success there, now we will see how it goes. So, thankfully a job now stops me from feeling completely worthless.
        I am currently trying to push myself into routine of iontophoresis treatments, it's like the antidote for self-pity. I skip the treatments sometimes… just feeling sad, tired and lazy… Then my sweating gets worse. Ah, you know how it goes.

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